Item Blocker 1.0

Block Custom Items

  1. Swiffz
    What is Item Blocker?
    Item Block is a simple plugin to stop crashing / greifing on many servers.

    The idea of Item Blocker is for players to be able to enjoy a nice peaceful server with no TNT or other items that can cause problems with explains below:

    • TNT
    • Lava
    • Water (More Items to be added)
    Do I have to setup the config?

    No this plugin has no config file to start with as this is only a beta version, but in the future they will be.

    Do I have use any commands at all?

    No, Item Blocker has no commands as of yet, but future commands will be for example:

    • /ItemBlocker add [ID]
    • /ItemBlocker reload
    • /ItemBlocker check (Checks version number) to make sure you are running the latest version :)
    Has Item Blocker have any permission nodes?

    No, Item Blocker has no Permission nodes as of yet, but future commands will be for example:

    • Item.Blocker.OP (Bypass all Blocked blocks / Items)
    • Item.Blocker.Allow.[ID]
    • Item.Blocker.Mod (Allows your moderators to use all blocks)
    • Item.Blocker.use.[ID] (Allows you to use the item with this node)
    To Do list:
    • Add permission nodes for none-OP - OP
    • Add more Items (Lava - Water and more)
    • Add Commands to disable and enable TNT and more.
    • Generate a config file.
    Please Note: You have to have OP to use the TNT!