Item Editor 0.1.11

Creating custom items has never been easier!

  1. Freakey
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Creating and editing items has never been easier! This plugin features a complete inventory gui system which can be used to create custom items in seconds!

    There is no need to enter commands any longer, just take an item and start editing it using /ie edit.

    • No need to configure anything. Just drag the plugin into your plugins folder and restart / reload your server
    • Customize items in seconds. Change everything: name, lore, enchantments, flags, potion effects, leather armor colors, item flags and attributes!
    • Edit existing items. Did you mess up the lore of an item or do you want to remove only one enchantment? Just put it in your main hand and type /ie edit
    • Saving items. You can save custom items using /ie save <name> and later get it back using /ie get <name>
    • Fancy handcrafted ui. Simply eyecandy. I'm sure you'll love the design!
    • Safety. Did you accidentally close the GUI? Just reopen it using /ie reopen and you can continue editing
    • Placeholders. Want to give personalized items to players (like 'Freakey's axe')? That's possible, as ItemEditor supports the PlaceholderAPI.
    • Distribute your items. Using a simple command /ie give you can give saved items to other players, for example as a vote reward!

    Permission: itemeditor.use
    • /ie or /itemeditor Get a list of commands
    • /ie edit Open the ItemEditor with the item in your hand - itemeditor.cmd.edit
    • /ie reopen Reopen the ItemEditor GUI if you accidentally closed it - itemeditor.cmd.edit
    • /ie save <name> Save the current item in your hand -
    • /ie get <name> Load a saved item by its name - itemeditor.cmd.get
    • /ie list Show a list of all saved items - itemeditor.cmd.list
    • /ie give <item> <player> <amount> Give a saved item to a player - itemeditor.cmd.give
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Recent Updates

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  2. The "1.16" Update
  3. The "1.15" Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Magnum97
    Version: 0.1.11
    This editor has so many features. You can hide item flags or enchants, custom name with color codes, lore with color codes, even give it custom attributes like boots with speed modifier. I started writing my own before finding this, but abandoned my project in favor of Item Editor.
  2. GDL
    Version: 0.1.11
    The plugin is fine. But I have had several bugs, one of them is the one that jumps in the console: "[20:32:47 ERROR]: Could not pass event AsyncPlayerChatEvent to ItemEditor v0.1.11". Then I had a couple of problems with "unbreakability" and other effects. What happens is that even though I apply the spell/effect then it is removed, the effect literally disappears from the object/armor/tool/etc. The server version is Paper 1.16.1
  3. SonicUniverse
    Version: 0.1.11
    Very nice plugin, but consider adding multiple pages to the enchant select. If a server has extra custom enchants on top of vanilla ones, you can't select whatever didn't make it on the list.
  4. NixoKnight
    Version: 0.1.11
    Amazing plugin, but I can't find the Power enchant in the enchantment section. What's it called?
    (I'm using it on 1.16.1 Minehut)
  5. Roxgemode64
    Version: 0.1.10
    the plugin does not work despite downloading the latest update
    I am using them in 1.8
    1. Freakey
      Author's Response
      Hi! It should be fixed now.
  6. Cmilo
    Version: 0.1.9
    Messege in english:
    It does not let me edit anything, when I put the command / ie, it opens the inventory well but when selecting something, it does not pass me to another inventory and I can take it myself. And it's not my host, because the host I use is very good

    Mensaje en espaƱol:
    No me deja editar nada, cuando pongo el comando /ie, me abre bien el inventario pero al momento de seleccionar algo, no me pasa a otro inventario y lo puedo coger yo. Y no es mi host, porque es muy bueno el host que uso

    IP my server:
    1. Freakey
      Author's Response
      Hi, if you're using 1.16 please download the newest update and try again!
  7. Burnt4023
    Version: 0.1.9
    Really good plugin. Easy to use, and does what you'd expect it to. I would suggest being able to add potion effects by holding/wearing an item. Will it be updated to 1.16?
    1. Freakey
      Author's Response
      Yes, update was posted today!
  8. WildMagic
    Version: 0.1.9
    Some Plugins That Have GUI's Are Interfering With Item Editor As I Click Enchant And It Does Nothing Other Than Some Error Code In Console Which I Dont Know How To Resolve Could You Please Help Me?
  9. 01v
    Version: 0.1.9
    Very Good. It does what I expected when I downloaded and it is easy to use. Been using it for a while now :)
  10. AgivA_22
    Version: 0.1.9
    Tengo un problema. Al clicar en un item cuando abro la GUI, no hace nada se selecciona y me deja moverlo a mi inventario.
    I have a problem. When I click an item in the GUI, nothing happens and I can move the item to my inventory. Help plis.