Item Enchantment Remover (By Kiko) 1.0.3

Remove Enchantments from Weapons & Tools

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    G3friertruhe, Kiko
    Remove Enchantments from Weapons & Tools!

    1. Remove Enchantments:
    • Put enchanted item into your main hand
    • Just Type into the Chat:
      • /removeenchantment
      • or short
      • /reen
    • After that a simple Menu will Open
    • Here you can select the enchantment you want to remove
    • It will cost diamonds to remove the enchantment, you can configure the price (see "2. Config", default is 5 diamonds )
    • You will get the enchantment back on an enchanted book

    2. Config
    You can configure the plugin in the config file:
      • default: 5
      • price pro remove enchantment (in diamonds)
    • trade.givePlayerBook
      • default: true
      • give player a book with the removed enchantment
    3. Personal Note

      • It is my first own plugin, so im thankful for ever comment
      • You can donate, but you don't have to!
      • Thanks everyone!


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Recent Updates

  1. Remove Debug Output
  2. Bugfix number of item slot
  3. Bugfix Config

Recent Reviews

  1. pepo19
    Version: 1.0.3
    Plugin is working its nice but haven't language file and can't even change prefix of the plugin so please add language file and ill change my rating ^^