Item Executor 0.1.2

Add custom commands to items when they are left and right clicked.

  1. Lazertx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Automatically assign a set inventory to players in a certain world, with slots that can not move and when interacted with will run commands as player or console. Extremely useful for Lobbies in which you'd like your players to have an interactive menu which can not be altered.


    • Highly configurable item. Change the amount, material, meta, display name and lore.
    • Optionally choose to prevent a player from moving an item in their inventory.
    • Optionally choose to prevent an item from being droppable.
    • Optionally choose to run commands when a player left clicks while holding the item.
    • Optionally remove all items that are not set by you from the player's inventory. (Done on Join & World Change)
    • Optionally choose to run a command from console or as the player, you can use <PLAYER> as variable to replace the player's name clicking the item.
    • Choose which slot to put which item on, organising it as you please.

    Command & Permission
    /itemexecuter reload - Simply reloads the plugin and updates everything in each player's inventory. (Permission: itemexecutor)

    Code (Text):
        '3': listItem
        '5': consoleTest
      # Name the item, so you can organise the slots in the inventory.
          # Set the commands that should be ran when the player left clicks the item in their hand.
              # List the command here, no / needed.
              command: 'list'
              # Should the command send from the console or as the player.
              # Set it as "true" if it should send from the console. You can use <PLAYER> as variable for the player.
              consoleSender: false
          # Should we prevent the player from dropping the item?
          droppable: false
          # Should we prevent the player from moving the item around in their inventory?
          forceSlot: true
          # Set the item properties here.
            # How many should it display as? A number between 1-64.
            amount: 1
            # What should the display name be? &7Colours are supported!
            displayName: '&6List Online Players!'
            # What should the lore be?
            - '&7Example lore 1!'
            - '&7Example lore 2!'
            - '&eETC'
            # What should the material be? Make sure the name matches this list:
            material: SKULL_ITEM
            # What should the meta be? A different type of planks for instance.
            metaData: '3'
              command: 'tell <PLAYER> Yep! Console sending works too!'
              consoleSender: true
          droppable: false
          forceSlot: true
            amount: 1
            displayName: '&9Do a CONSOLE test!'
            - '&7Left click!'
            material: BOOK
            metaData: '0'
      # Should we remove items that are not configured?
      # If 'true' the plugin will remove all items that are not listed above as soon as the player joins the world configured below.
      removeItemsNotInList: true
    # What world should this plugin work in?
    world: world
    version: 0.1


    See it in action at server IP "" once there go to "/mg" and the inventory you see is handled by this plugin.

Recent Reviews

  1. UnlitedOwns
    Version: 0.1.2
    Have been using this plugin privately since 8 months ago - when I requested the developer to make this. It has never caused a problem and has been working like I expected it to ever since.