Item Filter 1.0

Awesome item filter for picking up items

  1. BlueSoapTurtle
    Item Filter
    Allow players with permission to enable an item filter for picking up items

    - Free
    - Simple config
    - Everything configurable!
    - 2 modes, drop or pick(Explained below)

    Drop mode
    Stop yourself from picking the items up in the filter, can exclude cobblestone for when mining or leather and iron armor when pvp'ing or maybe you want to exclude random items when raiding bases

    Pick mode
    Only pick the items up in the filter
    Good when mining for ores or anything else

    /itemfilter - Opens the filter
    /itemfilter help - Shows help text
    /itemfilter reload - Reloads config file

    Allows players to use the "/itemfilter" command and filter items
    Allows players to use the "/itemfilter help" command
    Allows players to use the "/itemfilter reload" command


    Future plans
    Save after restart - Save player's filter to a file and load them back after a restart.
    Different presets for players - Allow players to save and load presets
    MySQL - Add MySQL support for better performance

    If you have an issue with this plugin please write it on the discussions page for the plugin and don't leave a bad review just because you can't find the discussion page.
    Leave suggestions and feedback in the discussions page as well.

    Terms of Service:

    You are not permitted to decompile or modify this plugin in any form.
    You take full responsibility of any issues that may happen on your server due to this plugin, the plugin has been tested extensively and should not contain any bugs, but I cannot guarantee this 100%.

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Recent Reviews

  1. KillDroZ
    Version: 1.0
    Hi, this plugin is perfect, but it would be better if this plugin works with the plugin (AutoBlock) or (AutoSmelt) or (EZBlocks) and (Prison Utils). This plugin is a big plugin and it works. It works very well.
  2. Jonsxoxo
    Version: 1.0
    works fine... configuration lore is a little weird (why individual fields for lore? just let use yml's list function) but the plugin does what it says. reload doesnt work either but stopping and starting the server does detect config changes. works good enough
  3. pelfect
    Version: 1.0
    but. i think isnt compatible with autopickup :C
    still when this is toggle off :C
  4. Xodetaetl
    Version: 1.0
    Very useful and well made plugin. Sadly it hasn't been updated in a year and lacks the important functionality of saving the filters in a file. Right now, they are reset when restarting the server. If the plugin had been published as open source, someone could take up the work...
  5. xwerswoodx
    Version: 1.0
    It's one of my favourite mods. It's very useful also very helpful for mp servers (generally if you have a xp farm :p) Before item filter, we had to drop all items everytime, so it helps me so much. Thanks for author. But please look to discussion page, I have little problem.
  6. Ohyeah55
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, very good plugin to manage server !! 5 Stars !!, continue in this, it is really awesome bro!
    Rating: Very good
    1. BlueSoapTurtle