Item Generators [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Item Generator with GUI support!

  1. WaterXCubic
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    WaterXCubic, MagmaXCubic
    Item Generators - A plugin that allows your player to place item generators!

    This plugin is lightweight which means it won't cause lags.

    - Features -
    With this plugin installed, you can right-click to place an item generator, which only the generator owner can break it. There will be items generated soon!

    - Commands -
    • /ig - Basic command in Item Generators.
    • /ig give [Owner] [Interval] [Name] - Gives the player a generator which generates the item in the player's hand with interval [Interval] and name [Name] Important : hold an item as you will use that item as the generated item.
    • /ig reload - Reloads the config.
    - Permissions -
    • /ig give - ig.give
    • /ig reload - ig.reload
    - Config -
    Config location (plugins\ItemGenerators\config.yml)
    • prefix - Default : '&8&lItem &a&lGenerator &8&l» &7'

    Important : do NOT modify data in the data.yml file or else risk data loss in game.

    - Import Tutorial -
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Delete old cube generator (Not the config folder, just the plugin).
    3. Put in new item generators.
    4. Start your server.
    5. Turn on whitelist (Or other way to prevent player to join temporarily).
    6. Type /ig import.
    7. Type /ig reload.
    8. Turn off whitelist.

    - Images -
    (A generator item)

    (GUI of a generator)

    (Inventory GUI of a generator)

    - Video -
    (Demo of functions)

    (Demo of breaking the generators)

    - TODO -
    1. More customizations (Names etc.)
    2. Placeholders.
    3. Sharing item generators.
    4. GUI for modifying generators.
    5. Attempt to add support for Minecraft 1.10 below.

    - Servers -
    None yet, feel free to ask me to list your server here via PM.

    - My Other Projects -
    Portable Chests [1.10 - 1.12] [Active]
    Shulker Box Plus [1.10 - 1.12] [Active]
    Throwing Knives [1.10 - 1.12] [Active]

    Please do NOT post this plugin in anywhere else WITHOUT my permission.

Recent Updates

  1. Support for importing from old versions.
  2. 1.0
  3. API update.

Recent Reviews

  1. TheOnlineHero22
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    Hello i cant find out how to make a genarator can u explain me pls
    when i try i do some think wrong and it dont work pls explain how to work with the commands
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    Very good plugin! I used it on my 1.12.2 server perfectly but i remade the server in 1.16.3 and i want to use this plugin in 1.16.3 so it can give us netherite as well as other new items!
  3. LuigCotocea
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    Hello developer respond to my comment why chest dissapear before i give you 1 star on this plugin!
  4. Naky
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    Hello, I love this Plugin but could u do it for 1.8.9 too please? This is one of greatest Plugins
  5. Kanakan
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    I Can Take Review Videos For Turkish. .........................................................
  6. BenceX100
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
  7. Marcobohl
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    nice plugin

    can one adjust a time if he produces it

    1. WaterXCubic
      Author's Response
      Yes, change the interval variable in the /ig give command.
  8. KazMNF
    Version: 1.0.1 Beta
    Amazing Generator plugin.
    I have a idea. Can you add placeholder like %player% ?
    so we can add generators in crates ?
    1. WaterXCubic
      Author's Response
      Please send me the name of the crates plugin you use in pm, i will try to add support!
  9. zValus
    Version: 0.0.4
    Hey man, how to create a generator without my nick and uuid for sale im my shop?
    1. WaterXCubic
      Author's Response
      Currently impossible, I might add such feature in the future!
  10. Vilzu45
    Version: 0.0.4
    This is not working on 1.7.10.. Can you please add compatibility for 1.7.10? I really need that. My problem is that when i place down an generator and open the chest there is nothing in the chest, like its just an normal chest.. Please fix? :)

    ~ Vilzu45, aka. xPlayZ Official.
    1. WaterXCubic
      Author's Response
      This is intended to work on 1.11.2, I will try to add support.