Item Generators [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Item Generator with GUI support!

  1. Support for importing from old versions.

    • Added import feature. (Import tutorial in main page)
    • Added reload feature.
  2. 1.0

    • Rewrote EventListener and GeneratorFunction class.
    • Rewrote Generator GUI and Generator Inventory GUI.
    • Updated API.
    • Updated all of my plugins. (Rewrote Util class)
  3. API update.

    • Introduced API for developers!
    To use the API just hook into the plugin by importing it to your project and adding it to the dependency of your plugin.

    New API methods (com.cube.generator.API) :
    • giveGenerator(Player p, String name, String owner, ItemStack item, Integer interval) - Gives a generator with the given arguments to the player.
  4. Reupload of previous version.

    • Reupload of version 0.0.3
  5. Content update.

    • Prevented placing of chests next to a generator.
    • Prevented placing of hopper under a generator making it break.
    • Allowed placing of chest UNDER a generator to get items out of it.
  6. API update.

    • Update of all my plugins. (Updated some util classes.)