Item Melting [Retired] 1.0

Gives back the ingots of any undamaged iron, gold, or diamond material!

  1. Allogeneous
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Allogeneous, Adaxial
    This plugin adds a Smelter Deconstructor to your server. When it is right clicked an inventory will open. Once you close the inventory any raw ingot materials that can be obtained from this item will be returned to you. For example, if I put a diamond pickaxe in the Smelter Deconstructor, I would get 3 diamonds back. The Smelter Deconstructor only gives back iron ingots, gold ingots, and diamonds.

    How To Make:
    In order to make a Smelter Deconstructor all you need to to is put a cauldron over some lava. Once you do that you just right click the cauldron.

    Only one right now and it is defaulted to op.

    description: Can the player interact with this plugin?
    defualt: op

    To Do:

    -Add a config
    -Add a cool down
    -Add support of super golden apples
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