Item Sorters 1.0.0

Get rid of laggy restone item sorters and sort all the items you want in an instant!

  1. CarolusFPV
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Item Sorters
    This plugin allows players to create a sorting system without the need of laggy and slow redstone.
    Simply set a main chest, where your unsorted items go.
    Next, set the chests where each item should end up in.
    One chest can be used for as many items as you want.
    (One for dirt and cobble, another for diamonds, emeralds and gold, etc.)
    To sort the items, put them into the main chest and run the sort command.
    The items will be moved from the main chest to the chests you assigned them to.
    All messages sent by this plugin can easily be changed in the config file, complete with chat colors. Great for translations or if you just want to change something.

    How to use:
    1] Run the command /sorter setmain and open the chest you want to set as main.
    2] Run the command /sorter add and left click another chest with the items you want to assign to it.
    3] Now you can put your items in the main chest and run the command /sorter sort to sort your items.

    /sorter setmain:
    ~To set a main chest, open the chest you want to set after running this command.
    /sorter add: ~To set a destination chest for the item you are holding, left click the chest with the item.
    /sorter remove: ~To remove an item, left click any chest in the system with the item to be removed.
    /sorter check: ~To check what items are set for a chest, left click the chest.
    /sorter share <friend name / UUID>: ~To share your sorter with a friend so they can use it.
    /sorter accept: ~To accept the latest share invite (or just click the button you get in chat).
    /sorter kick: ~To kick a player from your sorting system.
    /sorter leave: ~To leave a sorting system you were invited to, you need to do this if you want to start your own.

    Sharing a sorter with a friend:
    You can share an item sorter with friends so they don’t have to set everything up for themselves.
    They will be able to add and remove items, and sort the system.
    Only the owner of the sorting system can invite players and move the main chest.

    How to share:
    1] Run the command /sorter share <friend name / UUID>, your friend will get a message.
    2] Your friend has to accept the share invite with /sorter accept or click the button in chat.

    This is the maximum distance between a chest and the main chest.
    This is to prevent players from using this plugin to send items over long distances back to their house.
    Default: 64 (blocks). Please use whole numbers.


    Items added to the blacklist cannot automatically be sorted, you can add as many as you like.
    Default: - AIR, - BEDROCK (Use exact Material names)


    All messages sent by this plugin can be changed in the config, it supports color codes as stated in the config.

    Towny (If installed):
    There is native support for towny. If a player wants to set a chest as main or bind an item to it, they must have switch permission on that plot.
    When a player was added to a shared sorter and they don’t have switch permission, they can still use the sort command to sort the main chest. They can’t however open chests, add or remove items from the system in that case.