Item To Command 1.3 RELEASE

Want a certain material to run a(many) command(s)? This is the plugin for you!

  1. TheFancyWhale
    A simple plugin which allows you to add commands to certain materials, as well as set whether you have to left/right click, and the permission.

    • Let me know if you want your server here
    • Multiple commands
    • Placeholder %player% (Uses the player's name who clicks)
    • Placeholder c: (runs the command from the console)
    • i2c.* gives permission to all
    • Custom permissions
    • Choose right/left click or both
    • Choose if the player must be shifting
    • Currently nothing planned. Please let me know if you want something else.
    When entering for <Command> do not include the "/"
    • /i2c setclick <Right/Left/Both> (Sets the type of accepted click for the item in hand)
    • /i2c addcommand <Command> (Adds the command <Command> for the item in hand)
    • /i2c delcommand <Command> (Removes the command <command> for the item in hand)
    • /i2c setperm <Permission> (Sets the permission for the item in hand)
    • /i2c setshift <True/False> (Sets whether or not the player must be shifting for the item in hand)
    All permissions default to op
    • i2c.* (Access to all item commands)
    • i2c.admin (Access to the ItemToCommand commands)
    • i2c.<MATERIAL> (The default permission when adding new commands, but can be changed)
    • Currently no bugs that I am aware of.

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Recent Updates

  1. Shifting Added
  2. Console Update
  3. Placeholder

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexW
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    feature: One use command and than the item dissapaers

  2. Speakingbubble
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Ist nicht für die Version 1.12 und nirgens steht für welche Versionen das Plugin ist
  3. kajahofman
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Not working with Spigot 1.13.2...................................................
  4. Xler
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Should add a way for the click to be a cooldown. You know like, if I wanted to add blindness to something, for a way to add how long you have to wait before clicking it well send the command
  5. sorcero
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    plz help me i need help it gives errors when im trying to add a command to an item
  6. 207306
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    It has a few bugs but are simple to fix, Thanks for creating this plugin..................................
  7. timli168
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Lots of glitches and bugs... The commands itself creates errors in game and cannot be fixed unless I do a server restart.
  8. Twixilicious
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Console support?
    I think not.
    The worst plugin description I've seen, doesn't even explain how to use it.
  9. Kevin0565
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    Not very good. It is near useless without the actual permissions.
  10. TBNRkingdom
    Version: 1.3 RELEASE
    i love how it works with %player%, but can you have the option that when clicked it could be destroyed? also, could you find a way so that people need to be given the item instead of finding it in the wild? example, when the click a sugar name Speed Boost (color code support) that then it dissapears, but they cant do it with a normal piece of sugar