Item Worth 1.0

This sets the worth of an item

  1. TheFFounder
    With ItemWorth you can set the worth of items, and on right click players will receive money equivalent to the item's worth. For example: Joe has an item that is worth $150. He then right clicks with the item in hand. The item is consumed and Joe gets $150.

    • Vault
    • A Vault compatible economy plugin (iConomy, Essentials, Accentials)
    • /iw - The base command for the plugin
    • /iw set <amount> - Sets the worth of an item in hand
    • /iw give <player> <item> <worth> - Gives the player the item that has the specified worth. Example: "/iw give Joe DIAMOND 50" gives the player Joe a diamond worth $50
    • iw.use - Allows the player, on right click, to get what the item is worth in money
    • iw.set - Allows the player to use the command /iw set
    • iw.give - Allows the player to use the command /iw give