Item2Fly 1.2

Easy way to temporary set fly to your players!

  1. dijabola18
    Item2Fly v1.0


    - Give player temporary fly

    - Right-Click item to fly

    - Set item ID

    - Set cooldown

    - Set Fly time

    - Item disappear when clicked

    # reloadMessage: The message players see when they reload the plugin
    # noPermMessage: The message players see when they don't have permission to do something
    # flyMessage: The message players see after they get fly
    # flyRevokedMessage: The message players see after their fly is revoked
    # cantUseMessage: The message sent to players when they try to use the fly tool within the grace period
    # canUseMessage: The message players see after the cooldown time has passed
    # id: The item assigned to the fly tool
    # cooldownTime: The amount of seconds before players can use the fly tool again
    # flyTime: The amount of seconds players are allowed to fly

    '&eSuccesfully reloaded Item2Fly!'
    noPermMessage: '&4You do not have access to that command.'
    flyMessage: '&eTake off and soar!'
    flyRevokedMessage: '&eYour wings have weakened.'
    cantUseMessage: '&eYou can''t fly at the moment. Please wait.'
    canUseMessage: '&eYour wings have been refilled with energy. You may fly again.'
    id: 399
    cooldownTime: 60
    flyTime: 30

    How To Install?

    1. Download Item2Fly.jar

    2. Drag Item2Fly.jar in your server plugins

    3. Reload/Restart your server

    4. Config to your liking

    5. Reload/restart your server

    6. Enjoy


    /itemfly | Help menu
    (Open help menu)

    /itemfly reload | Reload the Config
    (Reload the config in-game)


    itemfly.reload | Access to reload command

Recent Reviews

  1. Vertamin
    Version: 1.1
    Works as expected, and you can set some cool messages each time someone uses it. It is more customizable than other plugins.
  2. mads
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome Plugin!

    Keep up the good work!
    You are a really good Developer!

    I'm going to tell my friends about you :)