Item_Stacker 1.2

Merge items into one stack by one Command. Highly costomizable to fit your needs.

  1. Michel_0

    This plugin allows you to stack all items of the same type like the one in your hand into one stack.

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    It automatically combines only identical items, so you can even stack things like books or other items containing custom NBT Tags.
    It merges all items together into complete stacks. The stack size and many other things can be defined in the config.yml:

    • Define what items should be stackable by permissions
    • Define who should be able to use it by one main permission
    • If needed, turn off per-item permissions in the config
    • Define a global stack size for all items (minimum: 1, maximum: 127)
    • or just use vanilla default stack sizes
    • Define specific special stack sizes for each item (1 - 127)
    • Merge stacks by one command
    • Customize all messages in the config
    Code (Text):
    /stackitems -> Merge all items like the one in your hand together
    Code (Text):
    itemstacker.use -> needed to use any function of this plugin

      -> when "per-item-perms" in config.yml is true, these permissions are needed for each item a player should be able to merge.
      All Materials can be found here:
      Missing material permissions will be displayed in the default deny-message, so you could look up the material name there, too.
    Code (YAML):
    # Do you want to use this command only for specific items?
    # If this is true, players will need the itemstacker.stack.<ITEM> permission.
    # e.g. itemstacker.stack.COBBLESTONE
    # All item names can be found here:
    : true

    # Default stack size for every item
    # Maximum possible stack size of Minecraft vanilla clients is 127
    # Value 0 -> will stack each item on its normal vanilla-default value
    : 0

    # Different stack size for specific items
    # Stack sizes in here will override default stack-size defined above
    # e.g. 'EGG': '32'
    # You need to use Item names, like they are defined here:
    # An empty map would look like this: special-sizes: {}
    : '16'
    : '16'

    # Define the ingame messages.
    : '&7[&eStacker&7]&2 You are not permitted to use this command.'
    : '&7[&eStacker&7]&2 You need &a&o<PERM>&2 to stack this item.'
    : '&7[&eStacker&7]&2 Only players can use this command.'
    : '&7[&eStacker&7]&2 You need to hold the item you want to stack in your hand.'
    : '&7[&eStacker&7]&2 All &a&o<TYPE>&2 items has been combined.'
    • No external API used (only Spigot)
    • No other plugins necessary
    • Detailed tested on Spigot 1.8.8 without any Problems
    • Compiled by Java 8 SDK, your Server should be running on Java 8 JRE to use this plugin
    • This plugin uses Metrics by MC Stats (
    Need additional Features or got some interesting ideas?
    Leave a reply and i'll add this or other functions if requested.

    Special thanks to @DfieldJr who game me the idea of this plugin (here).

    Replys, ratings and suggestions welcome.

    You can use this plugin to bypass default stack size limits.
    But the plugin does not affect how minecraft (spigot) treats these stacks!
    Few examples:
    • if you stack lava / water buckets, spigot will empty all buckets of the stack
    • if you stack any kind of tools (pickaxes, shovels,...) spigot will damage all tools of each stack together
    This is how minecraft handles stacks exeeding the default maximum amount and it's not controlled by this plugin.

    Maybe I'll start correcting these minecraft "malfunctions" of too high stack sizes in the future, but to find, modify and correct all of them will be a never-ending story.
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  1. Variable Stack sizes

Recent Reviews

  1. 0460720470317
    Version: 1.2
    It's a very good plugin. This is that what i needed :)
    this plugin does not have infinitely more superfluous functions
  2. Wayturns
    Version: 1.2
    Its arlight plugin man but please add auto stacker on items on ground but make it stack as in vanilla mc when picked up pls I realy need it
  3. jeane1
    Version: 1.2
    please add automatic stack
    - pick up
    - travel by inventory
  4. BlvckBytes
    Version: 1.2
    You just copied that Code out of WorldGuard.

    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      I used this plugin project to learn things by myself.

      Merging item stacks isn't really hard to do. So if WG comes up with a similar solution, that's not astonishing.

      Imagine 2 people got the task to calculate 1+1. Person 1 does "1+1=2" and person 2 does "1+1=2"... did person 2 just copy from person 1?

      For the protocol:
      I did not decompile WorldGurard. I don't know the source of WorldGuard. I implemented all code out of the ideas of myself.
  5. kyleNalbandian
    Version: 1.2
    if i stack 5 buckets of lava and i lace it on the ground im only left with one bucket
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      Please read the description!
      "You can use this plugin to bypass default stack size limits. But the plugin does not affect how minecraft (spigot) treats these stacks!
      This is how minecraft handles stacks exeeding the default maximum amount and it's not controlled by this plugin."
      I tried it on v1.12 and it works well. What Version are you using?
      Reply here for further Support.
  6. Tophop
    Version: 1.2
    Would be very helpful if you told what versions this runs for on Minecraft, I ran it on 1.11 and it did not work. Maybe I am just blind, but I do not see the versions list.
  7. minez
    Version: 1.2
    I hope that this is a great plugin, so can't use it because of the limitations of java (I have 1.7). But the author is responsive and I hope the plugin will get support for lower versions of Java. If the tests show stable work of the plugin on this version, ready to support me financially.

    Will gladly leave a rating of 5 points
  8. edtheted123
    Version: 1.2
    No config file gets generated for me? is this a bug? Or is it called something different to Item stacker?
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
  9. LunaticGamer
    Version: 1.2
    Good features just needs 1 or 2 things added or changed.

    For some reason the plugin does not recognise the difference between splash potions and drinkable potions.
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      It stacks splash and normal potions together? I highly doubt that. I couln't reproduce this malfunction. When I try to stack potions, normal and splash keeps seperated.
      What PL Version where you using and what server version?
      Make sure, that this really happens, when you use "/item_stacker:stackitems".

      Please reply by PM or here:

      Anyway thanks for your reply.
  10. Kismett
    Version: 1.1
    This is the simplest item stacking plugin out there! Please add the ability to set individual item stack limits! Other than that, everything else works properly. Thank you!
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply.
      I just implemented your requested feature.
      Feel free to test, use, reply the new version of Item_Stacker.