ItemBags Lite 1.7.4-beta

Enhance your gameplay using the 9 slot item bag.

  1. Cybermaxke
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    This plugin brings item bags to your Minecraft server, there are various types that will provide similar functionality as the inventories you already know. In combination with a advanced toggling system will bring this plugin the gameplay to a whole new level.

    This plugin is the lite version of the plugin ItemBags, this version contains one inbuild bag type and a recipe to create it. The premium version features a config loading system that allows you to create an infinite amount of bag/item types and recipes. There are also bag types for anvil, brewing, furnace, enchanting inventories. The premium version can be found here.

    If you like my plugin, please consider buying the premium plugin.

    NOTE: The update checker will NOT work in the first version.

    • Item bag - 9 Slots
    • Recipe and permission
    • Advanced inventory system
      • You can smoothly transition between inventories through this system, a middle mouse click on a bags opens it directly and click again to toggle it. Does not work in creative.
    • Commands
      • Some usefull commands that can be used to give the custom items. With an tab completer which allows you to go through all the folders and files very easily.
    Code (Text):
    -> aliases: "ibags", "ibag", "ib"
    -> description: Main command, this one will redirect to the sub command "help" if there no one passed through.

    "<main> help"
    -> aliases: "h", "?"
    -> pemission: ""
    -> description: Shows all the available commands.

    "<main> reload"
    -> aliases: "r"
    -> pemission: "itembags.command.reload"
    -> description: Reloads all the configuration files.

    "<main> give <player-name> <item-type> [amount]"
    -> aliases: "g"
    -> pemission: "itembags.command.give"
    -> description: Gives a item stack of the specified type to the target player.
    -> note: The item type can be either a default minecraft item type prefixed with "minecraft:" or a custom item type
              prefixed with the folder path. You should check the item loading system for more info.

    "<main> itemtypes <folder-path>"
    -> aliases: "itypes", "itype", "it"
    -> pemission: "itembags.command.itemtypes"
    -> description: Shows all the available item types for the specified folder path.

    In the lite version is one inbuild recipe to create the item bag available, this is the following:
    Code (Text):
        "object-type": "shaped",
        "result": "bags:normal_9",
        "shape": [
        "ingredients": {
            "x": "minecraft:leather",
            "y": "minecraft:chest"
        "permission": {
            "name": "itembags.craft.bag_normal_9",
            "default": "true"

    Help, the messages are displayed like '@{...}' ?
    This means that the path of that message missing is inside the locale file, you can add it manually to the file or you can regenerate the locale file.

    Where is the bag data stored?
    All the data of the bags are stored inside the item stacks, so no external data files for every bag that is out there because they are all stored inside the minecraft level/player data files.

    Which plugins may cause issues?
    Plugins that are storing item stacks may cause some problems when saving the bags. Because I use custom nbt tags and some plugins save them through mc code (which saves these tag) or through the bukkit api which loses the tags.
    I have already looked into some plugins which will cause trouble and which don't:

    Code (Text):
    +    -> Works
    -    -> Causes problems
    ?    -> May work
    Code (Text):
    Tested plugins:
    + ItemFrameShops
    + Multiverse-Inventories
    ? Multiinv
    ? PerWorldInventory
    - ProtocolSupport

    Other Plugins?

    PM me or ask in the discussion if you want me to look into a plugin.
    I will make in the future a seperate page that contains a list of plugins.

    Which versions are supported?
    This plugin will only work for spigot builds. You can find the versions that are supported below, there will not be any backports.
    • 1.9.4
    • 1.10.2
    • 1.11
    If you have any issues, please open a issue at the issue tracker provided on the bitbucket page. Or post a message in the discussion, but I prefer the first option for a better overview. Please put stacks inside code tags or provide a pastebin/pastie link.

    Some images?
    View attachment 32372 View attachment 32373
    View attachment 32374

    Terms of Service?

    • Before asking any questions, make sure you have read all the info.
    • Post a issue or a question before writing a bad review. See the topic 'Issues?'
    • You are not permitted to redistribute this plugin in any form.
    • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
    • We reserve the right to change these terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mannke94
    Version: 1.3.4-beta
    Since no one, made a review so far Iam gonna start:
    It works smooth and like it should. There are no fancy features or whatsoever, but it gives ur players the option to create a simple Backpack and carry it around.
    I would recommend this to any1 looking for a lightweight backpack plugin.