ItemBox v0.4

Send items to other players, even while they're offline!

  1. Hex_27
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Itembox is a plugin that basically gives players an item "mailbox" that persists over server restarts, and other players can send items to other player's mailboxes. Players can claim items from their mailbox anytime.

    Admins can also send special Dynamic Boxes, which give a randomised set of items (configurable)
    Plugin is still in beta.



    Java 8 and above
    Tested with spigot 1.11.2, but should work for any version

    • Full language settings available
    • SQLite database
    • Players can send anything, lores, displaynames, enchantments and attributes will be saved.
    • /itembox open - Opens your Itembox. Click on the chests to claim items sent to you.
    • /itembox open [player] - Opens another player's itembox. Click on the chests to delete items from their box.
    • /itembox send [player] - Send items to a player. Name is case sensitive
    • /itembox claimall - Claim all items directly to your inventory. If there are too many items, they will be dropped on the floor.
    • /itembox givedynamic box [player] [boxname] - Send the specified config dynamic box to a player
    • /itembox giveAlldynamicbox [boxname] - Send the specified dynamic box to all server players, even offline ones
    • /itembox sendall - Sends the item in your hand to all server players, even offline ones
    • /itembox additemtodynamicbox [boxname] [chance] - Adds the item in your hand to the specified itembox with the specified chance. Saves directly to config, and also performs a config reload
    • /itembox reload - Reload dynamic boxes from config

    Dynamic Box format
    Code (Text):
      - [material name]:[itemdata (optional)],[chance out of 100 to appear] name:&bExample lore:&cLore<newline>&blike<newline>this [enchantment]:[level]
    Note that name, lore and enchantment is optional.


    • itembox.* - All commands and functions
    • - /itembox open
    • itembox.claimall - /itembox claimall
    • itembox.send - /itembox send
    • - /itembox open [player]
    • itembox.reload
    • itembox.givedynamicbox
    • itembox.givealldynamicbox
    • itembox.sendall
    • itembox.additemtodynamicbox
    • Basically itembox.command


    Other plugins can also send items to players.
    Code (Text):
    PlayerInfo info = ItemBox.getInstance().getPlayerDataManager().getOrLoadPlayerInfo(OfflinePlayer p);
    Use the above code to get a player's info. From here, you can clear the box items, send items, or remove items from the box.
    Methods for PlayerInfo:
    public void clearItems() - Clear all items in itembox

    public void addItem(ItemStack item) -
    Add an item to itembox

    public void removeItem(ItemStack item) -
    Remove specified item from itembox. Doesn't do anything if item isn't inside. Specified to amount as well.

    public Collection<ItemStack> getItems() -
    Gets all items in an itembox

    public OfflinePlayer getPlayer() -
    Gets the offlineplayer associated with the itembox

    • Expiry, so itembox cannot be used as a storage with 2 accounts

    Usage of source:
    You can use any code in the source, but add me (@Hex_27) as a contributor. If your plugin is open sourced, my username is to be commented above the used code. If you're just looking for the scroller inventory in the plugin, you can find the code and how to use it in one of the resource posts I've made in Plugin Development.

    The language file code wasn't made by me, only modified by me.

    Admit it, this default icon fits the plugin well.

Recent Reviews

  1. SancLovin
    Version: v0.4
    i can send item with my player in my server, please update to 1.16
    i need this plugin update
  2. LogoCat
    Version: v0.1.1
    Nice plugin and open-sourced. Thanks for the sharing. I've implemented my 1.13 version and it works really well.
  3. miglas
    Version: v0.1.1
    Yes, This plugin is awesome.
    but has little problem on saving items.
    cant read after space in lore, nbt tags, and item name not display in dynamic box.
    I made like below

    - IRON_SWORD,1
    - 'IRON_SWORD,100 name:Blade lore:wildness in the world'

    in game
    dynamic-boxes display
    dynamic box
    - Iron_chestplate
    - Iron_Sword
    - Iron_Sword <= why is this material name.

    I got Iron sword named "Blade" with lore only "wildness" its not contains after space.
    1. Hex_27
      Author's Response
      You didn't configure it correctly. Lores need underscores (underscores are replaced by spaces). I've followed as much of Essential's format as I could to allow familiarity.

      Please take note that reviews are not the place to request any support.
  4. KockaHraje
    Version: v0.1.1
    Excelent plugin please add mailbox chest chest on execute command /itembox open. thanks for your plugin :)
  5. rlzbetagaming
    Version: v0.1.1
    Plugin is great but i just hoped it supported commands. I hope that will be implemented in the future. Other than that this plugin is great!
  6. LogoCat
    Version: v0.1.0
    Very nice plugin, but could you implement a toggle for "only-send-to-existing-player"?
    1. Hex_27
      Author's Response
      What do you mean?
  7. PizzaSlayer28
    Version: v0.1.0
    Love the plugin. Works pretty well
    P.S. Check my message . Need a little help <3
  8. MrSweeter
    Version: v0.0.8
    Great plugin, for offline interactives messages, maybe you can add TabComplter for your command, length of arguments can be long
  9. Bolean
    Version: v0.0.2
    nice mate .