ItemBrew[Skript] 1.2

Use Item Brew The Random Potion

  1. Oskang09

    This is a random potion plugins.This plugins nid skript to run it.
    You can use 32 gold nuggets,1 ghast tear and 10 nether wart and rightclick to the brewing stand and get a random potion.When get the potion will broadcast,Example:【Brew】Icy_Oska Get A Random Potion.

    How to install

    1. Requitment-Skript
    2. Install skript
    3. Go to the directory plugins/Skript/scripts
    4. Drop the in there
    5. Do /skript reload all
    6. Profit
    Item Changer
    • 2 ghast tear
    • 32 rotten flesh
    • 32 gold nuggets
    • 4 fermented spider eye
    • 16 redstone
    To Do List
    1. Add More Items To Exchange Potion
    2. None,Guys Any Suggestion?

Recent Reviews

  1. Dong_xD
    Version: 1.1