ItemEffects [OPENSOURCE] 1.1

A lightweight plugin allowing an item to contain a potion effect and when clicked, consumed.

  1. jet315
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    This plugin provides the ability for Potion Effects, such as Strength, to be put onto an item. When this item is right clicked, the potion effect is applied to the user!

    [+] Configurable Messages & Titles
    [+] ALL Minecraft potion effects are supported -
    [+] Commands supported
    [+] API for developers

    - Place the ItemEffects jar within your /plugins directory
    - Start the server - It will work out the box!
    - Edit the configuration file to match your likings
    - Reload the configuration file by typing /itemeffects reload

    - /itemeffect give <player> <effecttype> <level> (Permission: itemeffect.give)
    - /itemeffect reload (Permission: itemeffect.reload)


    Configuration File:
    Code (Text):
    # Stores the Material that is used to give enchantments on
    # Must be a valud entity:
    EffectItem: CLAY_BALL

    # Stores the times that the effect is given (in seconds) for a particular level
    # (I.E A Strength Level I potion will last 60 seconds)
    TimeForLevel1: 60
    TimeForLevel2: 120
    TimeForLevel3: 180

    #Would you like potion particles to show when they activate an effect?
    ShowParticles: true
    # Messages:
    # Place holders include:
    # %POTIONEFFECT% - Is replaced for the type of effect that is being activated (I.E Strength)
    # %LEVEL% - Is replaced for the potion effects level
    # %DURATION% - The time (in seconds) the effect is present for
    # %PLAYER% - The player's name

    # Whether or not Titles should be used
    UseTitles: true
    # If the above is true, what titles should be displayed?
    MainTitle: "&f&l+ &c%POTIONEFFECT%"
    SubTitle: "&6&m-----------------------"

    #Consume message
    OnEffectTaken: "&6Effects &e&l> &cYou have activated &a%POTIONEFFECT%&c for &a%DURATION% &cseconds!"

    Use the PlayerConsumeEffectEvent ( -
    This is called when a player consumes an item

    Any Issues:
    Send me a PM :)

    Thanks - Feel free to leave a review!

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  1. [+] Particle Effects option

Recent Reviews

  1. Polar_Pumpkin
    Version: 1.1
    Nice plugin! Can i translate it to Chinese and redistribute it to a Chinese Minecraft forum MCBBS ( )? I will write the author is you and link this page. :D (Please forgive my English level)
    1. jet315
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the review, yes that is fine :)