ItemEssentials 1.0

Make Items GLOW, rename items, or add lore!

  1. zInfliiction
    Have you ever wanted to make an Item glow like it is enchanted, but don't want that pesky Unbreaking I underneath the item? Or do you just want to rename an item, with colors? Or you simply want to add Lore to your item (COMING SOON)?

    Well, this plugin is the one for you. ItemEssentials has a friendly interface so you only have to type a single command to do this.

    Once you do /ie [itemessentials, rename, lore, relore, glow are aliases], you are prompted to a very neat and easy to understand menu.


    It is pretty clear how the GUI works, but I will explain it. With an item in your hand, click the enchantment book and your item will mystically glow!

    If you click the name tag, you will be prompted in chat to rename the item.

    Lore is now implemented. Pictures will be up soon.

    Commands: /ie

    Permissions: - Open the GUI
    itemessentials.glow - Makes your Item Glow
    itemessentials.rename - Lets you rename the item.
    itemessentials.lore - Lets you relore the item.

    TO DO:
    Language File


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  1. EODSteven
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin is not compatible with a widely used and Popular Plugin called ChestCommands...Deal Breaker! Seems like a really neat idea though, please continue development.
  2. TaggedOfficial
    Version: 0.5
    Very nice Plugin, thank you for this release. I was looking for some of this Plugin many time. But found nothin^^
    1. zInfliiction
      Author's Response
      What is your server IP, I'll put it on a list of servers using it :)