ItemGuard 2.0

Prevent people from spawning in items using hacked clients

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    --> ItemGuard is the minecraft anticheat you need for YOUR server

    --> Prevent usage of any hacked item
    Currently on the blacklist:
    - Wurst killer and troller potion
    - Command block and command block minecraft *Using the wurst .give
    - Monster spawners *Using the wurst .give
    - Dragon egg *Using the wurst .give
    - Barriers *Using the wurst .give
    - Any item with enchant levels over 100
    - Wurst crash chest
    - Op enchantments (level can be set in config)

    --> Config. I wanted to make sure my plugin was greatly configurable to be
    more user friendly, thats why you can enable and disable any item on
    the blacklist
    autoban: 5
    maxenchant: 100
    crash_chest: false
    potion: false
    maxenchant: false
    cmd_block: false
    dragon_egg: false
    barrier: false
    monster_spawner: false

    --> Commands:
    - /itemguard setautoban <amount>
    - sets how many times hackers will be kicked before banned
    - /itemguard reload
    - reloads the config
    - /itemguard getkickcount <player>
    - see how many times a player is kicked for having hacked items
    - /itemguard resetkickcount <player>
    - reset a players kick count
    - /itemguard setmaxenchant <amount>
    - set the highest level of enchant a item can have

    --> Permissions:
    - itemguard.notify
    - if a player has this permission, they will be notified when a player
    gets kicked
    - itemguard.bypass
    - with this permission the player can still use blacklisted items
    - itemguard.banbypass
    - with this permission the player will still get kicked, but won't get
    get banned by the auto ban
    - itemguard.commands
    - with this permission the player can use all the
    ItemGuard commands
    - itemguard.*
    - with this permission the player gets all permissions

    --> Features to come:
    - Custom ban message
    - more items on blacklist
    - separate files for config and player data

    --> Contact:
    - if you have any questions about ItemGuard you can contact me on
    skype at metselaar.radboud

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Recent Reviews

  1. DogMaster308
    Version: 1.0
    Very well made plugin. I have been using this for a while now and it is crucial for any creative server. It targets the hacked items right at the source so that you can still allow fun items such as potions on your creative server.