ItemHome - Magic wand to set home points 1.2

Use a wand to set home points (Instead of /sethome etc)

  1. DavidStyler10


    - Set home using an item (Blazerod)
    - No extra files needed for saving
    - Great performance


    How to use:

    Type /itemhome get to get the wand.

    Right click: Teleport to home
    Left click (on block): Set home

    Commands and Permissions:

    /itemhome get -> Get the wand (Permission: itemhome.admin)
    /itemhome give PLAYER -> Give the wand (Permission: itemhome.admin)
    /itemhome reset -> Reset wand in hand (Permission: itemhome.admin)

    Use the wand: itemhome.use

    Thats all!
    Have fun using the plugin. If you have any suggestions or errors tell me in the discusstion section!

Recent Updates

  1. Added /itemhome reset command