ItemizerX 1.3.3

A new way to edit your items

  1. Focusvity
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    ItemizerX is a new lightweight advanced item editing plugin based off the original Itemizer.

    Why should I use this instead of the original Itemizer?
    ItemizerX is a rewrite of Itemizer where all checks have been added to prevent any errors spitting into your console. The plugin will also be actively developed and will support Minecraft 1.15 and onwards with plans to support older versions.

    Command: /itemizer (aliases: ii, it)

    - Set a name for your item
    - An ability to change your item's ID
    - Add lore(s) to your item
    - Create your potion
    - Add attributes to your item
    - Add flags to your item
    - Enchant your item to your liking
    - Don't like your book title? Just change it with the title command
    - Don't want anyone to know you wrote the book? Just change the author to any name you want with the author command
    - Too much effort trying to get a player's skull? Just get a skull and change it with the head command
    - Accidently made a mistake on your sign? Just edit using the sign command
    - Remove all stuff from your item using clearall command
    - Supports chat colour codes (&1, &2, &a, &b etc.)
    - Supports hex colour codes (&#00000, &#FFFFFF etc)

    The permissions like lore and enchant will have extra permission node which will be same as in the subcommand.
    /itemizer attr add - Will require itemizer.attr.add permission
    /itemizer lore change - Will require itemizer.lore.change permission
    itemizer.use - Use the command - Name editing - ID editing
    itemizer.lore - Lore editing
    itemizer.potion - Potion editing
    itemizer.attr - Attribute editing
    itemizer.flag - Flag editing
    itemizer.enchant - Enchant editing
    itemizer.title - Edit the book title - Edit the book author
    itemizer.head - Edit the player's skull
    itemizer.sign - Edit the sign
    itemizer.clearall - Remove all data from an item

    Is the source code public?
    Yes, you can find the source code here:

Recent Reviews

  1. Porkchop
    Version: 1.3.2-fix
    Works on 1.16.2, plugin author had the wrong version out and fixed it. Good to see that someone liked the old itemizer enough to update it.
  2. _Haakster_
    Version: 1.3.2
    Looks like a great plugin! I am having an issue on 1.16.2 Spigot though...
    "Could not load 'plugins\ItemizerX.jar'", "Unsupported API version 1.16.2"
    1. Focusvity
      Author's Response
      Try downloading the new jar file- it looks like I uploaded the wrong jar file or it's being overwritten by older jar file.
  3. Deathril
    Version: 1.2
    I loved the old Itemizer, and I love this one. Thanks for doing this, currently working on a major project (a dungeons server) and I needed Itemizer but it wasn't updated to 1.15, thanks for doing this!
    1. Focusvity
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback, I hope you would recommend this to others.