ItemLocker 1.0

Never accidentally drop your items again!

  1. Codes320
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    • 1.16
    Item Locker


    If your players are like mine, they'll always be accidentally dropping their valuable items in lava for no reason other than their fat fingers. Then, you have to listen to them complain about how it's not fair and that you should give them their items back. This plugin solves that issue by letting players lock valuable items in their inventory with a simple command. By holding an item in your hand and typing /lockitem, you can easily lock an item in your inventory and make it impossible to accidentally drop. Then, when you're ready to unlock it, simply type /lockitem again and the item can be dropped.


    To set up the plugin, drop it into your plugins folder and restart your server. Then, give the players the lockitem.use permission to be able to run the command. If you'd like to change the messages sent to the player, you can do so in the config.yml. All player data is stored in the data.yml folder.

    Other Information
    This plugin was made for a private project but I decided to post it hoping that someone else may get some use out of it. If you have any issues with the plugin, please let me know.
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