ItemLottery 1.2

Add powerful and user-friendly item lottery to your server

  1. DevKrazy
    By the developper of RainbowBeacons

    ItemLottery will add a powerful, user-friendly and flexible item lottery to your server.

    None for the moment

    Good to know
    Compiled with Java 7

    Here is a list of the servers using this plugin:

    If you want your server in the list just contact me using the rate/discussion section of the plugin and give me your server's ip
    The lottery ticket is configurable
    Manage the prizes list with a user-friendly GUI
    No prizes quantity limit
    Multiple draw type (Normal, Random and Instant)
    Every message of the plugin is configurable
    You can't close your inventory while using the lottery, so you won't lose your prize
    Supports any item with enchantments, name, lore, amount...

    With your suggestions I could add many more features in the future

    /il setticket: Update the lottery ticket with the item you are holding
    /il giveticket [Player] [Amount]: Give X lottery tickets to a specified player
    /il list: Open the prizes list management GUI (see how to manage the list below)
    /il help: Show all commandes
    /il reload: Reload ItemLOttery configuration files
    Manage the prizes list

    After using the /il list command a GUI will open. Here is how it looks like:

    To add an item to the prizes list, simply click any item from your inventory.
    To remove an item from the prizes list, simply click on it (must be in the top inventory)
    il.setticket - Gives access to /il setticket command
    il.giveticket - Gives access to /il giveticket command
    il.list - Gives access to /il list command - Gives access to /il help command
    il.reload - Gives access to /il reload command
    This file contains all the messages of the plugin, that you can obviously modify.
    If you see words like "variable/0" or "variable/1" in the messages.yml file it is normal. This words are used by the plugin to insert things that can change in messages. When changing messages.yml never put the variables words next to an other word or color code.
    Here is a clearer example:
    §6Hello §cvariable/1§6! WRONG
    §6Hello§c variable/1 §6! GOOD

    You should not touch this file as it is the place where all prizes datas are stored.

    This file contains all the other datas that you can modify.
    lotteryDrawingTitle = The inventory title that will appear when the lottery is drawing
    getYourPrizeTitle = The inventory title that will appear when the player can take his lottery prize
    lotteryType = The type that will change the way the lottery draws (NORMAL, RANDOM, INSTANT), this is purely visual.
    lotteryTicket = This is all relative datas to the lottery ticket, please use the /il setticket command.

    Don't forget to rate this plugin and if you have any ideas tell me in the comment I will try to add them.

Recent Updates

  1. Slight code optimisation
  2. Critic bug fixed

Recent Reviews

  1. MLGMineGamer
    Version: 1.2
    I click on the ticket and It still write lottery drawing after 1 hour
    pls repair this soon pls !!!!!
  2. HeyItsPockets
    Version: 1.2
    Brilliant plugin. It's amazing. Two features I would love to see though are...

    - If you don't drag and drop it into your inventory you lose it. This tends to piss my players off a small bit. If we could make so if you close the GUI whilst being able claim the reward it automatically does it. OR as an alternative have an accept reward or decline reward button either side of the lottery item.

    - The ability to set the chance of getting a specific item. That would be superb. My server is an MMORPG and the fact that it is so easy for somebody to get a legendary is a shame. Maybe if you SHIFT-CLICK an item in the lottery list you can type in chat the percentage in which a player will get it. That would make me so happy.

    If you do those two updates, lemme know your PayPal so I can help you out in your development. Brilliant job, great plugin 10/10

    - Pockets
    1. DevKrazy
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for this constructive review :)
      First, the drag and drop: I chose this because the player could manage his inventory himself, and there wasn't any problem if the inventory was full, but i'll add this feature and check if the player's inventory is not full before drawing the lottery.
      Then, the percentage: I'll try to add this feature but I'll have to think about it as it is a tricky feature ^^

      Thank you again for this review and let me know if you have any other suggestions, I answer all my PMs ;)
  3. xByluca
    Version: 1.2
    Nice Plugin i like it
    1. DevKrazy
      Author's Response
      Is there any bug/problem for rating it 4 stars? ^^