ItemPvP 1.8

A Hub PvP Plugin

  1. CreeperAnatomy
    rockinroll99, CreeperAnatomy
    This plugin lets you pvp whilst holding a set item, please note that you mustn't deny pvp with worldguard because this plugin already has a pvp filter! There are other features as well for example a setting in the config.yml where you can stop people from dropping their items or stop people from clicking items in their inventory, this was designed for hub servers that use bungeecord or lillypad hub servers, thanks.

    I originally was just going to make this for biomecraft however I decided since a lot of people have been enjoying this why not spread it around? For all you server owners you could even make a spawn world and use our disabled_worlds setting in the configuration to allow it for only your spawn world. This is just for a little fun in the hub server if you're bored and want to have a bit of fun


    P.S I hope you enjoy my first published plugin :)

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