ItemShops [BSP] - Create fancy GUI shops with minimal effort v1.1.0

ItemShops generates wonderful buy- and sellshops (GUI) using BossShopPro.

  1. 1.13 Update

    v1.1.0 (Requires BossShopPro v1.9.9 or higher)
    • [NOTE] The "%id%" placeholder, used in the old default config (ShopItemLookAdvanced.SubShop.Displayname), is no longer supported. If you did not already change that config property, I recommend changing "&8ItemShop &8&l&8%id%" into "&8%type%"
    • [UPDATE] Added Spigot 1.13.* support
    • [UPDATE] Updated example shop with new material values
    • [ADD] Now it is possible to configure BuyAll and SellAll buttons separately from Buy and Sell buttons
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