ItemSorter 1.3.3

Sorting items is know as easy as saying it ! The "must have" plugin for survival !

  1. clcondorcet
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Français, Deutsche
    What is it?

    ItemSorter is a plugin to sort your items automatically in your chests. It can replace all laggy hoppers from your servers.
    Works on 1.8 up to 1.6.2 ! (not tested on past 1.8 versions)


    - You can make big storage system that store all kind of items according to their id.
    - You can store easily non-stackable items.
    - You can have multiple types of items stored in one chest.
    - You can add trusts players that can manage your storage system.
    - Any player can create a storage system.
    - You can modify the range of the storage system (look at "How it works" for more details).
    - You can store items in a chest, double chest or a barrel !

    How it works:


    Step 1:

    You must place an ender chest in the middle of your base.
    After placing the ender chest you need to place a sign on it and write the following lines:

    1- [is]
    2- <TheName>


    1- [is]
    2- Base


    Step 2:

    You now need to place your input chest (or trapped chest or barrel).
    In this plugin it's called: Deposit
    To do so just put a sign on your chest and write the following lines:
    ! The name of the base must be the same as your base (ender chest) and the chest must be in the zone !
    (explanation in the next part)

    1- [isd]
    2- <NameOfTheBase>


    1- [isd]
    2- Base

    ! hoppers are not needed !

    Step 3:

    Now you must place your output chest (or trapped chest or barrel)
    In this plugin it's called: Filters
    To do so just put a sign on your chest and write the following lines:
    ! The name of the base must be the same as your base (ender chest) and the chest must be in the zone !
    (explanation in the next part)

    1- [isf]
    2- <NameOfTheBase>


    1- [isf]
    2- Base


    How to use:

    The BASE:

    It will be the middle of your storage system.
    There is a square zone around the base where the filters and the deposits can be placed.
    This zone has a 16 blocs radius (the ender chest not included) by default, and 80 blocs vertically by default.
    These values can be changed in the config.

    As an owner of the storage system (or admin), you can add trusts (click on the ender chest or his sign).
    They can add filters and deposit, edit them and breack them but can't add trusts themselves.



    Deposits are the "inputs" to your storage system.
    Just place items in the chests, when you close it, they will be teleported to your Filters.
    If all of your Filters are full or the item cannot be sorted, the item will just stay in the Deposit.
    You can place a hopper on a deposit to push items from the hopper to your storage system !


    They are two types of filters:
    - Filters that can accept the given types of items only.
    - Trash that can accept all items but only if all filters of your system can't accept them.

    When you create a Filter, the filter is automatically a Trash.
    Then you can click on the sign to set an item to be filtered.
    (Filters can have an unlimited type of items filtered)

    To add an item to a filter, just enter in the filter by clicking on the sign and click the item you want to filter in your inventory.
    You can watch your filtered item in the filter menu.


    Trash and filters have a priority from 1 to infinity.
    Items will go on filters who have the less priority.
    No filter can have the same priority for the same item!

    Enjoy :D !

    In french: (by Chticoin)

    Code (YAML):

    : 16
    : 80
    : 5 #can be bypassed by the permission: "is.unlimitedBases"
    : #permissions
        - ""
    : 10
        - "is.vipplus"
    : 20
        - "is.moderator"
    : 100
    : true
    : "EN"


    - English (EN) (default)
    - Français (FR) (traduction par clcondorcet)
    - Deutsche (DE) (Übersetzt von Rytexs )


    - /iso help
    - /iso list
    - /iso base
    - /iso filters
    - /iso deposits
    - /iso glow
    - /iso autosign
    - /iso reload
    - /iso setOwner


    itemsorter.command.reload (default)
    itemsorter.command.base (default)
    itemsorter.command.base.* (default)
    itemsorter.command.base.coodinates (default) (default)
    itemsorter.command.filters (default)
    itemsorter.command.filters.* (default)
    itemsorter.command.filters.coodinates (default) (default)
    itemsorter.command.deposits (default)
    itemsorter.command.glow (default)
    itemsorter.command.glow.* (default)
    itemsorter.command.autosign (default)

    In development:

    - Optimization by changing data storage from flat file to SQLite.
    - Can change the priority to have filters with the same priority (useful for furnaces system to have equity).
    - Can place a new type of filter on furnaces.

    Bug report:

    You can report any bug in the discussion of the plugin, I will do my best to help you or to fix bugs as soon as possible!
    You can also join the discord server:


    You can donate here:
    I will highly appreciate it :D

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