ItemUpgradeShop v1.0.0

A simple way to sell enchantments to your players. Upgrade Pickaxe (Prison Servers and non)

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin gives you the ability to sell certain enchantments to your players and let them the ability to apply what they've unlocked whenever they want.

    Indicated mainly for Prison servers. I didn't find anything free, so, here a simple and free utility for that. But i guess you can use it also on a standard server.

    Features :
    • Configurable Iconmenu GUI
    • Vault Support
    • Block the purchase behind, cost, permissions and the previous level of the enchant.
    Requirements :

    Commands & Perm:

    • /itemupgradeshop (perm: itemupgradeshop.use)
    • /itemupgradeshop reload (perm: itemupgradeshop.reload)

    Config file example:

    Code (YAML):

    - 0:STONE:Efficiency Lv15:Efficiency Lv15:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 1:STONE:Efficiency Lv16:Efficiency Lv16:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 2:STONE:Efficiency Lv17:Efficiency Lv17:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 3:STONE:Efficiency Lv18:Efficiency Lv18:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 4:STONE:Efficiency Lv19:Efficiency Lv19:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 5:STONE:Efficiency Lv20:Efficiency Lv20:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 6:STONE:Efficiency Lv21:Efficiency Lv21:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 7:STONE:Efficiency Lv22:Efficiency Lv22:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 8:STONE:Efficiency Lv23:Efficiency Lv23:&bImprove the speed of your pickaxe!
    - 18:ANVIL:Durability Lv15:Durability Lv15:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 19:ANVIL:Durability Lv16:Durability Lv16:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 20:ANVIL:Durability Lv17:Durability Lv17:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 21:ANVIL:Durability Lv18:Durability Lv18:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 22:ANVIL:Durability Lv19:Durability Lv19:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 23:ANVIL:Durability Lv20:Durability Lv20:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 24:ANVIL:Durability Lv21:Durability Lv21:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 25:ANVIL:Durability Lv22:Durability Lv22:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 26:ANVIL:Durability Lv23:Durability Lv23:&bImprove the duration of the item
    - 39:GLOWSTONE:Luck Lv5:Luck Lv5:&bImprove the fortune
    - 40:GLOWSTONE:Luck Lv6:Luck Lv6:&bImprove the fortune
    - 41:GLOWSTONE:Luck Lv7:Luck Lv7:&bImprove the fortune

    - Efficiency Lv15:10000:DIG_SPEED:15
    - Efficiency Lv16:50000:DIG_SPEED:16
    - Efficiency Lv17:100000:DIG_SPEED:17
    - Efficiency Lv18:250000:DIG_SPEED:18
    - Efficiency Lv19:750000:DIG_SPEED:19
    - Efficiency Lv20:1000000:DIG_SPEED:20
    - Efficiency Lv21:2000000:DIG_SPEED:21
    - Efficiency Lv22:5000000:DIG_SPEED:22
    - Efficiency Lv23:10000000:DIG_SPEED:23
    - Durability Lv15:10000:DURABILITY:15
    - Durability Lv16:50000:DURABILITY:16
    - Durability Lv17:100000:DURABILITY:17
    - Durability Lv18:250000:DURABILITY:18
    - Durability Lv19:750000:DURABILITY:19
    - Durability Lv20:1000000:DURABILITY:20
    - Durability Lv21:2000000:DURABILITY:21
    - Durability Lv22:5000000:DURABILITY:22
    - Durability Lv23:10000000:DURABILITY:23
    - Luck Lv5:100000:LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS:5
    - Luck Lv6:500000:LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS:6
    - Luck Lv7:1000000:LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS:7

    #Put here the requirements needed to buy one ability. Use Free in the required ability name or the permission space, to remove the need of any
    - Efficiency Lv15:Free:Free
    - Efficiency Lv16:Efficiency Lv15:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.16
    - Efficiency Lv17:Efficiency Lv16:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.17
    - Efficiency Lv18:Efficiency Lv17:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.18
    - Efficiency Lv19:Efficiency Lv18:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.19
    - Efficiency Lv20:Efficiency Lv19:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.20
    - Efficiency Lv21:Efficiency Lv20:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.21
    - Efficiency Lv22:Efficiency Lv21:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.22
    - Efficiency Lv23:Efficiency Lv22:itemupgradeshop.efficiency.23
    - Durability Lv15:Free:itemupgradeshop.durability.15
    - Durability Lv16:Durability Lv15:itemupgradeshop.durability.16
    - Durability Lv17:Durability Lv16:itemupgradeshop.durability.17
    - Durability Lv18:Durability Lv17:itemupgradeshop.durability.18
    - Durability Lv19:Durability Lv18:itemupgradeshop.durability.19
    - Durability Lv20:Durability Lv19:itemupgradeshop.durability.20
    - Durability Lv21:Durability Lv20:itemupgradeshop.durability.21
    - Durability Lv22:Durability Lv21:itemupgradeshop.durability.22
    - Durability Lv23:Durability Lv22:itemupgradeshop.durability.23
    - Luck Lv5:Free:itemupgradeshop.luck.5
    - Luck Lv6:Luck Lv5:itemupgradeshop.luck.6
    - Luck Lv7:Luck Lv6:itemupgradeshop.luck.7
    - Efficiency Lv15:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv16:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv17:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv18:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv19:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv20:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv21:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv22:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Efficiency Lv23:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv15:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv16:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv17:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv18:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv19:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv20:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv21:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv22:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    - Durability Lv23:DIAMOND_PICKAXE
    Images :


    Still miss some features, like configurable messages and more, this is just a random release if you're interested in it, let me know.