ItemUtils 2.5.0

IU plugin is simple plugin to modify, save and give custom items.

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    ItemUtils plugin provide simple modify of item. After modify item you can save it with simple command. Also you can give it yourself or other players from console.

    Not in development

    /itu <save, give, modify> - Main command.
    /itu save itemName - you must hold item to save.
    /itu give itemName - you must know name of item what you want to give.
    /itu modify <add, set, remove> <name, lore, enchant, color, flag> [arguments]
    In case remove <color, name, durability, data> you do not need arguments.
    /itug playerName Item - give specified player a item. This command can be executed from console.
    /itur - reload item-list.yml config.

    NOTE! Arguments can not contains characters: <>, <!>, ><
    Text inside books also can not contains this characters.
    If you edit item-list.yml, you need execute /itur command.

    name: Simply write name of item, it can be like this text.
    example: /itu modify set name &1Hello my new item!

    This command set name of item to "Hello my new item!"
    lore: Simply write lore, like name.
    example: /itu modify add lore &cNew lore!
    This command add lore "New lore!"

    durability: Simply write a integer.
    example: /itu modify set durability 5
    This command set item durability -5 from maximum durability.

    data: Simply write a integer.
    example: /itu modify add data 5
    This command add data value +5 to item.

    enchant: You need know enchantment ID and level of enchant you want.
    example: /itu modify add enchant 16 1
    This command add to item enchant sharpness 1.

    color: Color is created by using combination of red, green and blue, RGB.
    example: /itu modify set color 0 255 160
    This command set color of leather armor to RGB color with values (0, 255, 160).

    flag: You need write name of ItemFlag you want.
    example: /itu modify add flag hide_enchants
    This command hide enchantments from the item.

    Color codes:

    In config files you can use "\xa7" or "&" color code.

    itu.command.* - Main permission, gives access to all IU commands. - gives permission to save item to item-list.yml
    itu.command.itu.give - gives permission to give item from item-list.yml
    itu.command.itu.modify.* - gives permission to modify item any action and any type.
    itu.command.itug - gives permission to give item to other player
    itu.command.itur - gives permission to reload item-list.yml config.

    itu.command.itu.modify.* - gives permission to all modify subcommands
    itu.command.itu.modify.add.* - gives permission to add any type <name, lore..>
    itu.command.itu.modify.set.* - gives permission to set any type <name, lore..>
    itu.command.itu.modify.remove.* - gives permission to remove any type <name, lore..>

    And there are many other permission what you can build:
    Actions: add, set, remove
    Types: name, lore, durability, data, enchant, color, flag

    itu.command.itu.modify.<action>.<type> - gives permission to do action with type.

    In configuration you can configure wich commands can be executed from console. If you do not want spam your console, do not add new commands, only remove function.


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