iTroll 1.0.0

Troll your friends with this amazing Bukkit plugin!

  1. alzdoesmc
    Sorry for this being so unorganized. It'll be organized soon! :)

    This plugin is still in BETA. I have not finished everything, bugs are to be expected, and much much more.

    This plugin is recommended for PRIVATE SERVERS. Permissions will be added in official release.

    == Want to troll your friends? ==
    This is the plugin for you. With this plugin, you can troll your friends with a very simple command, which can be remembered easily (/troll). It has no configuration, as there really is no need for one. Configurations may be added later if there is a demand for one.

    The plugin consists of WitherSpawn commands, EnderDragon spawn commands, starve commands, kill commands, poison commands, half-heart commands, and more!

    If you enjoy the plugin, be sure to leave a comment down below showing me your appreciation!

    Remember, I do this out of my own free time, so if updates don't come, you'll just have to wait :(

    -=[ /itroll ]=- -=[itroll.troll]=-

    The configuration might come soon! Tell me in the comments what you would like to be adjustable :)

    This is where an image for MCSTATS will be placed when the plugin is released :)

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