iZone 1.2

Zone Protection

  1. alenis
    Zone Protection Made Easy!

    What is it?
    iZone Basic helps you setup zones for things like your Spawn, PvP areas, Shops, etc.

    • Select corners of the zone with a wooden shovel then do /zmod create MyZone
    • Inspect your zones with wooden sword to get details. Modify settings with /zmod flag
    • For a list of options just type in game, /zmod
    What makes this plugin different?
    It's very easy to use and has NO other plugin dependencies!

    Other Information
    Thanks to Robin van Nunen for the original iZone plugin by TechGuard and permission to revise and publish to Bukkit!

Recent Reviews

  1. MatticusJR
    Version: 1.2
    Exelente plugin! gracias