JChairs 1.1

JChairs is a simple plugin to allow you to sit in chairs.

  1. Jesterface23
    JChairs is a simple plugin to allow you to sit in chairs. You place a chair block and a block under the chair to enable it, which is configurable in the config. To sit in the chair you simply right click the chair with an empty hand, this is also configurable. To dismount you click shift, or the custom dismount value you put in to your Minecraft client.

    |Commands - Description - Permissions|
    /JChairs - A list of JChairs permissions and commands
    The ability to sit in a chair - jchairs.use (Default: true)
    /JChairs ChairList - A list of use-able chairs - jchairs.chairlist (Default: true)
    /JChairs HandItems - A list of hand items to use a chair - jchairs.handitems (Default: true)
    The ability to override chair breaking when set to false - jchairs.breakoverride (Default: op)
    /JChairs Remove/Remove all/Remove [Player] - Remove a targeted player/all players/a player from a chair - jchairs.remove (Default: op)
    /JChairs Reload - Reloads the JChairs config - jchairs.reload (Default: op)


    In the default config under 'Chairs', all stairs and slabs are chairs with the block under them to enable them being diamond blocks.
    This is the default oak wooden stair chair in the config:
    Code (Text):
      53:      <-- Chair (oak wooden stair)
      - 57     <-- Enabler block (diamond block)
    You can have as many different enabler blocks to be under the chair type. The example below will allow a dirt block or a oak wood to be the enabler block:
    Code (Text):
      - 3
      - 17
    In the default config under 'ItemInHand' are the values of an item you must have in your hand to sit in a chair. The default value is 0, which is an empty hand. An example for having a stick or oak sapling to be the item you need to have in your hand to sit is:
    Code (Text):
    - 6
    - 280
    If the option 'BreakableChair' in the config is set to true, a chair will be breakable while in use. If set to false it will be unbreakable while in use unless broken by a player with the 'jchairs.breakoverride' permission. The default value is true.

    The option 'MessageColor' is where you can change the colors and format of JChairs messages. The default value is '&f', which is white.

Recent Reviews

  1. AirBrunt
    Version: 1.1
    Great plugin just a small bug in 1.9.
    You have to hold shift to get out of the chair.
    Other then that great job. :D