JClearInventory 1.1

Simple lightweight plugin that allows you to do /ci (clears your inventory)

  1. JJpro321
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    jdf_ (Aka. JJpro321)
    Hey, first of I would just like to say this is my first plugin, I would also appreciate it if you downloaded this and rated it. I know this is probably the easiest plugin to make, but for my first plugin a lightweight simple plugin is what I would like to do as my first one. I hope you enjoy, this plugin also makes for a nice little donator perk!

    /help ci - this shows the usage and description of the command.
    /ci - clears inventory of the player. (You can't clear other player inventories, I might add this feature but without it makes staff less controlling which can be bad and good).
    /clearinventorycredits - this shows you the credits of the plugin (Devs and people who helped).
    clearinventory.ci - this is the permission node that allows player to do /ci.

    As I said before you could add a lot of stuff to this plugin which is why I'm not protecting it, and for the fact that it's too easy to make as people have made the same plugin.

    Any issues please contact me at - this discord line https://discord.gg/H6D8T Thank you for your co-operation. Please don't spam the discord or be blocked! Looking for anymore of my plugins? Look for the plugins with 'J' in front of them!

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  1. ThaMango
    Version: 1.1
    It works fine but is completely useless. This has been made many times. While it's your first plugin I don't see what to point of making this plugin was. Try and make something more unique
    1. JJpro321
      Author's Response
      Just wanted to get a first plugin out there, thanks for the review anyway, hopefully you see what I have coming soon!