JDynmapGriefPrevention 2.5.1

GriefPrevention Addon with Dynmap Support (if available)

  1. Version 2.4 released

    Version 2.4 AGAIN SUPPORTS BOTH uuid and name based servers. Information about versions can be found at begin of config file.

    Changelog v2.4:
    • AGAIN SUPPORTS BOTH uuid and name based servers. So older servers can also benefit from the newer features. (Information about versions at begin of the config.)
    • NEW command '/jdgp claims' to show claims of the player (owned/trusted) and '/jdgp claims <name>' to show claims for another player
    • Added a News Window which can be used to show whatever text. A circle marker shows the position (default yellow). Text is displayed in the popup.
    • Added %owneruuid% variable which can be used in the infowindows / new config option getOwnerUuid (default: false)
    • Added individual permissions for each command (admin/player)
    • New config options for the Player Map (/jdgp claims command)
    • New config options for the News Window
    • Fixed: all files now in UTF-8 (language files were saved in local default windows Lokale before)
    • Deleted syncTask debug code and config option again
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