JDynmapGriefPrevention 2.5.1

GriefPrevention Addon with Dynmap Support (if available)

  1. Version 2.5 released

    Plugin can now be used without Dynmap plugin (with limited functionality)

    Changelog v2.5:

    • Dynmap plugin not needed anymore as hard requirement. However without it claims can not be shown (clear ;) ) Will be automatically checked at plugin start. Dynmap relevant commands do not work (and will not be shown in command help) if switched off. So people not using Dynmap can use the plugin to e.g. export claims to CSV file (see below), to show claim statistics or to teleport to claims.
    • NEW config option 'useDynmap' to switch off showing claims in Dynmap even if the Dynmap plugin is available. Can be changed and reloaded while server is running as everything else. Useful if people just sometimes want to show claims (due to too many claims and lagging map) but still want to use the other plugin features.
    • NEW command '/jdgp tp <id>' to teleport to the middle of the claim of a given claim id. Claim borders will be highlighted after teleporting (2-3sec after tp).
    • NEW command 'jdgp tp <x> <z>' tp teleport to given coordinates. y coordinate is the highest available block at this location. If there is a claim at these coordinates the claim borders will be highlighted (2-3sec after tp). Change teleport command in configs infowindows if you want to use these teleport commands.
    • NEW command 'jdgp export' to export all claim and statistics information to CSV files within the main plugin folder (export_claims.csv / export_stats.csv). Delimiter between values is '|'.
    • ADD: coordinates of claims do now have their own variables to be replaced in the claims popup (%coordx%, %coordy%, %coordz% can now be used there).
    • Small adaptions for plugin metrics values showing on Hidendra's mcstats page.
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