JDynmapGriefPrevention 2.5.1

GriefPrevention Addon with Dynmap Support (if available)

  1. Version 2.5.1 released

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  2. Version 2.5 released

    Plugin can now be used without Dynmap plugin (with limited functionality)

    Changelog v2.5:

    • Dynmap plugin not needed anymore as hard requirement. However without it claims can not be shown (clear ;) ) Will be automatically checked at plugin start. Dynmap relevant commands do not work (and will not be shown in command help) if switched off. So people not using Dynmap can use the plugin to e.g. export claims to CSV file (see below), to show...
  3. Version 2.4 released

    Version 2.4 AGAIN SUPPORTS BOTH uuid and name based servers. Information about versions can be found at begin of config file.

    Changelog v2.4:
    • AGAIN SUPPORTS BOTH uuid and name based servers. So older servers can also benefit from the newer features. (Information about versions at begin of the config.)
    • NEW command '/jdgp claims' to show claims of the player (owned/trusted) and '/jdgp claims <name>' to show claims for another player
    • Added a News...
  4. Version 2.3 released

    New version with some smaller changes / improvements:

    Changelog v2.3:
    • UpdateChecker for new versions (+config option updateCheck to enable/disable - only sends a message to console)
    • Localization - added language translation support (en/de example files included). That's not really needed as players do not see commands/console output...but I wanted to know how that works ;) If anybody translates texts for whatever language, you can send the files to me and I will include...
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  5. Version 2.2 released

    Changelog v2.2:
    • Added command '/jdgp stats' to get some statistical information
    • New config option: consolelog to enable/disable logging when claim update task ends
    • Added some custom data graphs for plugin metrics
    • Some minor code improvements and cleanup
    • Fixed: plugin not sending data to mcstats.org
    Please update to this version!

    Note: 1 new config option. If you want to disable logging 1 line to console after updating the claims use the new config (or...
  6. Typo fixed version 2.1 released

    Changelog v2.1:
    • Fixed a typing error so claims where added to the wrong dynmap layer and regression tested
  7. Reworked uuid version 2.0 released

    As version 1.2 was not usable for uuid based servers from a performance point of view, the plugin has been completely reworked. This version does NOT support name based servers anymore. Use 1.0/1.2 for these servers.

    Changelog v2.0:
    • Complete rework of the previous version. Only supports uuid-based servers anymore
    • Still supports all features from previous versions
    • Async task to process all costly operations and only non-thread-safe operations executed in a Sync task...
  8. Fixed version 1.2 released

    Changelog v1.2:
    • Fixed: plugin not working with GriefPrevention 10+
    • Fixed: show trusted people with name instead of uuid
    Config file did not change.

    Don't use this version if your player file names are uuids and not names and players in your GriefPrevention claim files are also uuids and not names. This is a performance killer! Use the newest version instead!
  9. New version 1.0 released

    Changelog v1.00:
    • One layer for all used and one layer for the unused (complete green) claims which can be switched on/off individually
    • Count number of claims for each layer (in brackets behind the label text)
    • Config file now keeps comments
    • Config changes (switch on/off new features)
    • Correction / Simplification of info-popups
    • PluginMetrics can be switched on/off in config
    • Performance optimizations and code cleanup / making the plugin more robust
  10. Update of JDynmapGriefprevention (v.095)

    Changelog v0.95:
    • Claim owner name and days offline (e.g. 'jahangir13 (14)') splitted into 2 variables %owner% ('jahangir13') and %ownerdays% ('14')
    • New config variables %cwidth% (width of claim), %cheight% (height of claim), %csize% (size=width*height) - Calculation of these values can be switched off
    • Some config file changes (use the new config in Example-Config)
    • Reload command to reload changes directly via '/jdgp' command (permission...