JenoRestart for Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 1.2

Restart your Server in Intervals or at a specific time

  1. Phreag
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    This Plugin is abandoned and will not get further updates.
    This plugin was originally made for my Server (German Minecraft-Network)

    If you like this Plugin, please give a good review ;)

    My Problem:
    There are many Restart-plugins. Nut none of them supports to restart at a specific time. So here it is!

    It has a very simple functionality:
    - Restart Server after x minutes
    - Restart at a specific time based on the system time. (like 23:30)
    - Warn players via title (Messages changeable)
    (times are not changeable)
    - 3 minutes
    - 1 minutes
    - 10 seconds countdown
    - final message​

    1. Put the JenoRestart.jar in your Server plugin folder
    2. Start Server to get the default config
    3. Stop Server and set time and warning messages before restart
    4. Adjust you start script to be a loop:
    java -jar spigot.jar
    goto start​
    5. Now your Server will restart after the given time.

    jrs.timer: allows /rstimer allows /rsinfo
    /rstimer [Number]
    - Sets the time in Minutes to next restart
    - Sets the time in Minutes to next restart

    - Default Config for JenoRestart - Bukkit Edition
    - ##############################
    - (c) 2015 by Phreag -
    - Do not add Lines , it will break everything, just change the values...
    - After how long should the Server restart?
    - After This time it will restart automatically. (minimum: 3 minutes)
    - goes by minutes (60=1h, 1440=1d)
    - Messages to display before restarting. DOES NOT SUPPORT COLOR CODES
    - Title to display for all warnings:
    The Server will restart
    - Subtitle will be sent 3 and 1 minute before restarting and as a countdown for the last 10 seconds
    in 3 minutes
    in 1 minutes!
    in 10 seconds!
    in 9 seconds!
    in 8 seconds!
    in 7 seconds!
    in 6 seconds!
    in 5 seconds!
    in 4 seconds!
    in 3 seconds!
    in 2 seconds!
    in 1 seconds!
    - Kickmessage: This Message will be shown to the players when they get kicked.
    The server is restarting. We will be back soon...
    - Title Color (use color codes like 4=red, 6=gold)
    - Subtitle color
    - System Time in Hours to restart: (24h format)
    - System Time in Minutes to restart:
    - Use System time for Restart? 1=yes, 0=no, use interval
    - rsinfo message:
    Time to server restart in minutes:
    - End of File
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Recent Reviews

  1. det483
    Version: 1.2
    Nice plugin! The fact that the server will restart on a given time is a very nice! Without bugs! Well done!
  2. xbenas
    Version: 1.1
  3. alexdg14
    Version: 1.1
    This very good, but could use for example:
    I want to use on my server OITC. What happens is that the plugin makes the game ends when the server shuts down. But not on, any ideas?
    I love the plugin, still well you get very far!

    I'm sorry I do not speak much English. I am Spanish!
    1. Phreag
      Author's Response
      I think its on oitc. after restart oitc does not support continuing game afterr restart i think
  4. mohudage
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin!Very cool!If can add collapse automatic restart more perfect!Looking forward to the authors add functionality!
    1. Phreag
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) If you have suggestions please post them to the discussion thread ;)