JetBoots (JetPack) 1.16.4

Adds a Jetpack to minecraft!

  1. Tretels
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Adds a Jetpack for your legs that can be activated by sneaking

    /jetlegs - gives you the jetboots (it puts it in the boots slot and will delete the previous item on the boots slot)

    /jetsound off - turns off the sound of the boots
    /jetsound on - turns on the sound of the boots
    /jetparticles off - turns off the particles of the boots
    /jetparticles on - turns on the particles of the boots

    /getjetrecipe - gives you the recipe to craft the boots


    You can repair the boots with iron ingot on an anvil

Recent Updates

  1. Added Permissions
  2. Added a recipe
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Recent Reviews

  1. Funliber
    Version: 1.16.4
    Skvělý plugin! Výborná alternativa za DoubleJumpAdvanced, která neměla fall damage, což zjednodušovalo šplhání po zdech. Líbí se mi, že lze vycraftit tento item.
  2. KaffeeKale
    Version: 1.16.4
    A fun and good plugin. Like it a lot. Also the developer
    accepts suggestions. Also from me a thank you for updating it right after my suggestion! :) :)
  3. PauwerfulMC
    Version: 1.16.4
    Its a nice plugin and the dev of the plugin is very nice and cares about the users of his plugins! :) Thanks for Updating it directly after a bug report! :)