JGroupChat 4.1

Create a group chat for you and your friends while still having the normal chat.

  1. Jesterface23
    JGroupChat is a simple plugin where you can create a group chat and still have access to the main chat. With your chat created, you can invite players and send a message to players in the chat with the command '/c [message]' and still have access to the main chat, and new to JGroupChat 4.0, if you use '/Jgc Toggle' your chat line without '/c' will be sent to your group chat, although you will loose the ability to send main chat messages, you can still see other player's main chat messages. All commands and permissions can be seen below.

    You will need to delete your old config and data file in the JGroupChat folder if you are upgrading from 3.0.

    Every permission below can be obtained with 'jgroupchat.*'

    The User permissions below can be obtained with 'jgroupchat.user'
    |User Commands - Description - Permissions|
    /JGroupChat or /Jgc - A list of JGroupChat permissions and command
    /C [Message] - Send a message to players in your current group chat, if on toggle - jgroupchat.chat (Default:true)
    /Jgc Create [Chat] - Create a group chat - jgroupchat.create (Default: true)
    /Jgc Leave - Leave your current group chat - jgroupchat.leave (Default: true)
    /Jgc Toggle - Toggle between using '/C' or normal chat to send messages - jgroupchat.toggle (Default: true)
    /Jgc Invite [Player] - Invite a player to your chat if you are a chat owner - jgroupchat.invite (Default: true)
    /Jgc Accept - Accept an invite request - jgorupchat.accept (Default: true)
    /Jgc Deny - Decline an invite request - jgroupchat.deny (Default: true)
    /Jgc List - A list of all players in your current chat - jgroupchat.list (Default: true)
    /Jgc Remove [Player] - Remove a player from your chat if you are a chat owner - jgroupchat.remove (Default: true)
    /Jgc AddOwner [Player] - Add an owner to your current chat if you are a chat owner - jgroupchat.addowner (Default: true)

    |Colors/Formats/Magic - Permissions|
    Colored chat and chat names - jgroupchat.color (Default: op)
    Formatted chat and chat names - jgroupchat.format (Default: op)
    Magic chat and chat names - jgroupchat.magic (Default: op)

    The Admin permissions below can be obtained with 'jgroupchat.admin.*'
    |Admin Commands - Description - Permissions|
    The ability to invite a player to a chat if not chat owner - jgroupchat.invite.override (Default: op)
    The ability to remove a player from a chat if not chat owner - jgroupchat.remove.override (Default: op)
    /Jgc Reload - Reload the JGroupChat config - jgroupchat.admin.reload (Default: op)
    /Jgc Join [Chat] - Join a chat - jgroupchat.admin.join (Default: op)
    /Jgc ChatList - A list of all chats - jgroupchat.admin.chatlist (Default: op)
    /Jgc Info Player/Chat [Player]/[Chat] - Get info on chat chat a player is in or what players are in a chat - jgroupchat.admin.info (Default: op)
    /Jgc Clear Player/Chat [Player]/[Chat] - Remove a player from a chat or remove a chat - jgroupchat.admin.clear (Default: op)

    The help messages color can be changed at MessageColor: using the color and format codes &0-9, &a-f, and &k-o. Default is &f
    The max chat character length, not counting color, format, and magic codes, can be configured at MaxChatCharacters:. Default is 16
    To only allow chat owners to send invites or to allow any player to send invites you can change OwnerInvite:. Default is true
    To use a player's username set UseDisplayName: to false and to use display names set it to true. Default is true
    You can change the group chat chat line at ChatLine:. Default is "%chatName&f: <%playerName> %chatLine"

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Recent Reviews

  1. KalecgosMC
    Version: 2.0
    Useful, i use it and it has helped me as a matter of fact with my soitc plugin, just popped this as a optional dependency and am using this fluently for chats, i suggest using this plugin if you are thinking of group chats.