Jobs Reborn 4.9.3

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Item Boost

    • Removed schedule enable option in general config file. Schedule will be enabled automatically if there is atleast one schedule settup and enabled by it self.
    • Fix for new version check
    • Some fail safe when checking world name and its not being set properly
    • Remade Item Boost feature from ground up. Previously it was based on item name, lore and maybe enchants. Now its based on item NBT. What this means is that items are not limited to specific names or specific lore. You can still create items with previously settup jobs items and create them with /job give [playerName] [jobName] [itemName]
    • New command /jobs itembonus which will output all possible bonuses from your equipped armors and item in your hand
    • New command /jobs edititembonus [list/add/remove] [jobName] [itemName] command which will output item in your hand bonus, or add new bonus or remove existing one. This will allow to have more than one bonus on your item. Keep in mind that only one bonus from one job can be applied while you can have multiple bonuses from multiple jobs. So you can have hat with bonus for miner and woodcutter and fisher and hunter.
    • Old items will not work until player will use /jobs itembonus or /jobs bonus command which will automatically update old items with new NBT data for faster processing.
    • As of new item bonus mechanic, its being heavily optimized and cached data is being used for best possible performance. So in general item bonus check went down from 500 000 nano seconds to only ~4 000. Item bonus will be recalculated each minute or on armor/main hand item updates.
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