Jobs Reborn 4.17.2

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...


    This is Development Build in a sense that it received 2 changes, one some what major and another minor which could cause some initial inconvenience. In general is a safe to use, but its not fully tested in all posible situations, so who knows.

    • Changed how honorific is proceed. (Zrips) Honorific is a text shown in chat as a prefix, like [NoviceMiner] and similar. Now you can define 2 new options for chat-display in each job. And some of them might have changed its behavior just to be more obvious what they do. So new options as follows:
      • none - Shows nothing
      • full - Full title and full job name (NoviceMiner)
      • job - Full job name (Miner)
      • title - Full title (Novice)
      • shortfull - Short title and job name (NM)
      • shortjob - Short job name (M)
      • shorttitle - Short title (N)
      • shorttitlejob - Short title and full job name (NMiner)
      • titleshortjob - Full title and short job name (NoviceM)

    • Next is a more a major change. Now every job gets its own file inside jobs folder, which will allow simpler job sharing or its modification instead of having file with 5k lines.
      Current job's setup will be converted into new format and to avoid confusion old file will be moved into FileBackups in case you will want to go back and use old format. This will include file named _EXAMPLE which will contain example job (not included in job list) with all possible options and some extra comments to explain what does what, so you might want to keep that one around for future reference. Test it before launching on live server, in case we missed something here.

    • Fix for smelt action not working in some situations (Montlikadani)
    • Fix for right clicking cow and getting paid while not holding bucket (Montlikadani)
    • Added %jobsr_user_quests% placeholder to show available quests (Montlikadani)
    • Some database calls will be done in async to avoid server freeze ups (Montlikadani)
    • Fix for nearspawner not accepting negative values (Montlikadani)
    • Fix when smaller boost values takes precedence over largest (Montlikadani)
    • Now you can craft items in the smiting table to get income (Montlikadani)
    • Max jobs placeholder should return the permission value (Montlikadani)
    • Added maxjobs variable to equations (Montlikadani)
    • Added permission for max quest amounts as jobs.maxquest.[jobname].[amount] (Montlikadani)
    • Petpay permission should now affect wolfs as tamable entity (Montlikadani)
    • Now you can separate payment materials into a list (Montlikadani)
    • Some materials got removed from translatable file for 1.16+ servers as they are no longer used. This will not effect older servers. (Montlikadani)
    • Fix relating database auto cleanup on server startup (Montlikadani)
    • Fix NPE related to MythicMobs display name (Montlikadani)
    • Fix for some complex placeholders not working as intended (Montlikadani)
    • Fix for max permissions not working properly in case you had multiple of those (Zrips)
    • Fix for incorrect archive command locale source (Zrips)
    • Fixing bp command issue with newer server versions (Zrips)
    • BlockProtection will be recorded in any case if there is setup for it. This should resolve some possible exploits (Zrips)
    • BlockProtection records should be properly cleaned up before loading them, which should increase loading times for bigger databases (Zrips)
    • Now archived jobs should work properly across network (Zrips)
    • Fix for LogStrip action (Zrips)
    • Locale updates from Crowdin (Montlikadani)
    • Now paypent limits should work in sync across multiple servers (Zrips)
    • Now accumulated points should work properly across multiple servers (Zrips)
    • Make payment messages display in chat if setting is disabled per config (Montlikadani)
    • Added option to allow enchanting boosted items (Montlikadani)
    • Increasing timer for McMMO skills from 30 seconds to 60, which should resolve issue relating to skills having longer than 30 seconds timer. (Zrips)
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