Jobs Reborn 4.17.2

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Fixes

    • Fixed error when some inventory types do not exist in prior versions (montlikadani)
    • Fix for when players job joining was not completed (montlikadani)
    • Added silent mode option to actionbars (montlikadani)
    • Fix WildStackerAPI dependency (montlikadani)
    • Improvement in command listing speed (montlikadani)
    • Fix for archived placeholders not working with job name context (montlikadani)
    • Improved the database shutdown process (montlikadani)
    • Slightly optimized the database calls when a player quits (montlikadani)
    • Improved player inventory item boost logic (MrMacor)
    • Added smoker and blast furnace placeholders (montlikadani)
    • Fix some boost time parsing issues (montlikadani)
    • Fix when boosted items cache is not removed after swap items (MrMacor)
    • Fix when boosted items cache is not removed after swap items (MrMacor)
    • Simplify owner ship clearing (montlikadani)
    • Fix sqlite exception on logs auto-committing (montlikadani)
    • Fix fisherman getting paid for fish even if mcMMO fishing protection kicks in (icarapovic)
    • Improve material generation in translator file for old versions (montlikadani)
    • Block cache will not be saved twice on disable (montlikadani)
    • Better support for custom Enchantments (Zrips)
    • Fixing issue with jobs not being archived when firing everyone from a job (Zrips)
    • Added better support for legacy material data format. Legacy support will be dropped in future entirely, so make sure to transition to new format to avoid any possible issues later on. (Zrips)
    • Fix for issue when materials trying to appear in older minecraft versions where those materials dint existed yet (Zrips)
    • kyori adventure text format support (montlikadani)
    • Configurable encoding for mysql database (montlikadani)
    • Fix when enchanting an elytra with a book get paid without Enchant action (montlikadani)
    • Boost negative income correctly (kikelkik)
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