Jobs Reborn 4.17.2

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. ID removal

    As of 1.13+ servers we will no longer support legacy material id's in jobs files. This is to prevent unnecessary outdated library loads and to simply force transition into material usage. So we will no longer recognize actions relating to materials by their id's like 52, but you will have to use materials name, like in this case its a Spawner.
    Due to this change please visit your jobs files and update necessary fields, including Gui section which should be using Item instead of Id and Data fields. If those are not defined correctly then we will be showing stone blocks in UI as a default one.
    • Reverting of the old chat events back to fix chat placeholder replacing (montlikadani)
    • Fixing signs command parsing issue on click (montlikadani)
    • Fix Jobs database truncation on updating job ids (montlikadani)
    • Fix typo for soul speed enchantment (montlikadani)
    • Fix when players got all jobs instead of one (montlikadani)
    • Now the %jobsr_user_jobs% placeholder will return all of the players jobs separated with comma, like "job1, job2 ..." (montlikadani)
    • Caching of entity metadatas. Improves performance (MrMacor)
    • Fixed Plant resetting the block protection (Hugo5000)
    • Added structure grow listener to resolve block protection timer overrides (Hugo5000)
    • Fix for issue when some signs doesn't want to work with sign states (montlikadani)
    • Fix for quest actions not working on lower case names (montlikadani)
    • Added option to perform specific command when a player reaches max job level (montlikadani)
    • Added option to set leather colors for boosted items (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue when monsterDamage option dint worked as intended (montlikadani)
    • Improvement for minimum overall payments conflicting with money limit (montlikadani)
    • Fix for some complex placeholders not working correctly (montlikadani)
    • Improved firework launching on level up (montlikadani)
    • Fix when some options such as slime split not worked when spawned from any type of spawner (montlikadani)
    • Added option to hide item attributes in jobs gui (montlikadani)
    • Added ignore-job-max config section (LogGits)
    • Added config data retrieval system for ignoreMaxJobs (LogGits)
    • Added job container ignoreMaxJobsSection (LogGits)
    • Added reverse world blacklist system (LogGits)
    • Improved quests resetting (montlikadani)
    • Removed support for legacy material ID's in 1.13+ servers (Zrips)
    • Fix for hex color codes not being processed with new chat management (Zrips)
    • Added option to define jobs display name which can be used to display jobs name while not effecting joining to it or any other actual. This is mainly a visual thing for areas like jobs browse UI. (Zrips)
      Code (Text):
        displayName: '&2--{#cancan}Woodcutter&2--'
    • Example job now should fully generate all possible options for the jobs definition. (Zrips)
    • Improved usage of player uuid's in shop gui as items (montlikadani)
    • Fix for possible issue when jobs full name would not match jobs name which could have caused some issues (Zrips)
    • Fix stripping warped/crimson stems and barks not counting for the StripLogs action (MrMacor)
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