Jobs Reborn 4.17.2

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. ID removal

    As of 1.13+ servers we will no longer support legacy material id's in jobs files. This is to prevent unnecessary outdated library loads and to simply force transition into material usage. So we will no longer recognize actions relating to materials by their id's like 52, but you will have to use materials name, like in this case its a Spawner.
    Due to this change please visit your jobs files and update necessary fields, including Gui section which should be using Item instead of Id and...
  2. Fixes

    • Fixed error when some inventory types do not exist in prior versions (montlikadani)
    • Fix for when players job joining was not completed (montlikadani)
    • Added silent mode option to actionbars (montlikadani)
    • Fix WildStackerAPI dependency (montlikadani)
    • Improvement in command listing speed (montlikadani)
    • Fix for archived placeholders not working with job name context (montlikadani)
    • Improved the database shutdown process (montlikadani)
    • Slightly optimized the...

    This is Development Build in a sense that it received 2 changes, one some what major and another minor which could cause some initial inconvenience. In general is a safe to use, but its not fully tested in all posible situations, so who knows.

    • Changed how honorific is proceed. (Zrips) Honorific is a text shown in chat as a prefix, like [NoviceMiner] and similar. Now you can define 2 new options for chat-display in each job. And some of them might have changed its...
  4. Spooooooookyyyy!

    • Fix for checking if the object is mypet (montlikadani)
    • Fix for useAsWhitelist not working (montlikadani)
    • Allow minus value for petpay (montlikadani)
    • Fix for #940 (stripping logs are respected as block place actions) (kikelkik)
    • Fix for payment values being shown with multiple decimals (Zrips)
    • Now "jobs.petpay" can be denied to do not get income for killing mobs with mypet (montlikadani)
    • Fix for boost not shows the final value properly (montlikadani)
    • Rework...
  5. Maximum power

    • Fix for new stripped materials on 1.16.2 (montlikadani)
    • Split boost times and add info about timed boosts (montlikadani)
    • No paying for piston protection (montlikadani)
    • Added more API methods to JobsExpGainEvent (montlikadani)
    • Fix for exp management issues when trying to give insame amounts of it (montlikadani)
    • Fix for TNTBreak action not works when entity type is not ender crystal (montlikadani)
    • Fix for combining 2...
  6. 1.16.2

    • Support for 1.16.2 servers
    • Fix when the money/exp/points displayed different values than original. This was caused by boosted items. (montlikadani)
    • Added %jobsr_user_title_[jname/number]% placeholder (joaquimnet)
    • Add \n newline support for jobs description (montlikadani)
    • Jobs commands now work even when level from or level until are not specified (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when the points are not loaded on join (montlikadani)
    • Now you can use negative boosts...
  7. 1.16

    • General locale file update (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when converting database (montlikadani)
    • Fix SQLException error when saving points (montlikadani)
    • Now the players can get income from grindstone when repairing items (montlikadani)
    • Now the stone cutter will pay when cutting stones (montlikadani)
    • Now dying shulker boxes will give you income (montlikadani)
    • Added tipped_arrow to pay list when crafting arrows...
  8. Fixes

    • Now essentials should load before Jobs plugin just to avoid some possible issues. (montlikadani)
    • Now you can define bossbar segment count and default one was changed from 20 to 1. (Zrips)
    • Fix for boss bar exp gain not showing up properly if you had ShowOnEachAction set to false. (Zrips)
    • Some rework on explorer data loading and storing (Zrips)
    • Updated locale files (montlikadani)
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  9. Things 2.0

    • Fix issue when the gtop counting starts from 2 instead of 1 (montlikadani)
    • Added jobs expiration time to fire players if their works times is expired (montlikadani)
    • Fix NPE when the job is null in some cases (montlikadani)
    • Fix NPE error when the player uuids are null in database during loading (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue when you have done quest and you reload server, which allows you to get quest reward for second time (Zrips)
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  10. BUnch of fixes and things, i guess.

    • Fix for the issue when the jobs gui fails to open (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue with enchanting (montlikadani)
    • Fix for bassbar gained exp showing incorrect numbers if you leveled up (montlikadani)
    • Fix for total worker number flipping out and showing 0 (montlikadani)
    • Fix for cow milking (montlikadani)
    • Now cows can be milked with a bowl (montlikadani)
    • Improved database loading (montlikadani)
    • Fix for boost...