Jobs Reborn 4.16.0

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. 1.16

    • General locale file update (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when converting database (montlikadani)
    • Fix SQLException error when saving points (montlikadani)
    • Now the players can get income from grindstone when repairing items (montlikadani)
    • Now the stone cutter will pay when cutting stones (montlikadani)
    • Now dying shulker boxes will give you income (montlikadani)
    • Added tipped_arrow to pay list when crafting arrows...
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  2. Fixes

    • Now essentials should load before Jobs plugin just to avoid some possible issues. (montlikadani)
    • Now you can define bossbar segment count and default one was changed from 20 to 1. (Zrips)
    • Fix for boss bar exp gain not showing up properly if you had ShowOnEachAction set to false. (Zrips)
    • Some rework on explorer data loading and storing (Zrips)
    • Updated locale files (montlikadani)
  3. Things 2.0

    • Fix issue when the gtop counting starts from 2 instead of 1 (montlikadani)
    • Added jobs expiration time to fire players if their works times is expired (montlikadani)
    • Fix NPE when the job is null in some cases (montlikadani)
    • Fix NPE error when the player uuids are null in database during loading (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue when you have done quest and you reload server, which allows you to get quest reward for second time (Zrips)
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  4. BUnch of fixes and things, i guess.

    • Fix for the issue when the jobs gui fails to open (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue with enchanting (montlikadani)
    • Fix for bassbar gained exp showing incorrect numbers if you leveled up (montlikadani)
    • Fix for total worker number flipping out and showing 0 (montlikadani)
    • Fix for cow milking (montlikadani)
    • Now cows can be milked with a bowl (montlikadani)
    • Improved database loading (montlikadani)
    • Fix for boost...
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  5. Fixes

    • Improved payment action which was not paying enough when items are on another block (montlikadani)
    • Fix for sign merging issue (montlikadani)
    • Fix for NPE error on death event (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when not calculated correctly the total workers (again) (montlikadani)
    • Fix for bossbar progression (montlikadani)
    • Now you can fill the gui with air (montlikadani)
    • Improve connecting to database (montlikadani)...
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  6. M2

    • Fixed issue when total worker count was invalid for particular job (montlikadani)
    • Fix for NPE when someone removed the section from shop file (montlikadani)
    • Should be fixed issue when the gui size is not higher than 54 (montlikadani)
    • Now database should get updated if player point count changed (montlikadani)
    • Fixed database syntax issue when getting the global top list (montlikadani)
    • Improve furnace and hopper saving...
  7. Hmmm

    • Added 2 placeholders to show the original number of exp and the formatted (deadcutlass2)
    • fix a discrepency between formatting of jexp and jmaxexp as well as adding unformatted versions for math (deadcutlass2)
    • fixed income and points progression equations (deadcutlass2)
    • added a missing portion of the equations so it functions as intended of reducing payment by a percentage of the baseincome and the baseincome per level (deadcutlass2)
    • Option to filter hidden players from...
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  8. Hot

    • Fixed FileNotFoundException when using "en" locale (montlikadani)
    • Fixed NPE when MythicMobs plugin not found on plugin reload (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when buying items from shop and not setting enchants to item (montlikadani)
    • Updated job not found message (montlikadani)
    • Fixed NPE when class instance is null (montlikadani)
    • Fixed MySQLSyntaxErrorException when the limit value less than 0 (montlikadani)
    • Added option to change the disabled worlds behaviour...
  9. Stuff

    • Fix for NPE when loading the chunks from database (montlikadani)
    • Fix for NPE when loading the quests with some invalid values (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue when the RequiredJobLevels doesn't work correctly (montlikadani)
    • Added messages to log commands to show the total amount of money, exp & points (montlikadani)
    • Using double for saving the experience. This will give more accurate values, even tho its only a fractions. (montlikadani)...
  10. Winter is comming

    • Fixing Bake and Collect word translations
    • Fix for issue with older servers having trouble loading libraries
    • Fix for possible issue with older then 1.15 minecraft version not being able to import new minecraft libraries. Similar to first issue, but at same time some what different.
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