Jobs Reborn 4.7.2

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Extra fixes

    • Fix for wrong version check when checking slab type
    • Removed some dangerous looking error messages. They are not dangerous, they are simple there.
  2. Missing fish

    • Fix for "missing" fish and some possible issue with material recognition in general.
  3. Villager trade

    • Disable scoreboard top list for 1.13 version until further notice as its required some additional rework to have appropriate compatibility with changed API.
    • Fix for leather dye action when crafting items to be correctly recognised.
    • Added new action VTrade which allows to get paid when trading with villagers. Settup should look something like:
    Code (Text):
        # Trade items with villagers. Checks results only
            income: 1.5
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  4. Again

    • Some fixes and improvements in item type detection's. This is pain in ass...
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  5. Items

    • Fix for incorrect item material recognition introduced with 1.13 update
  6. 1.13.x

    • Some general rework for item handling and support for 1.13 version. This can be somewhat buggy as full test is needed to flush out all possible issues. But in general it should work properly with new platform.
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  7. Yada yada

    • Lets show MythicMobs display name instead of id in info page when possible
    • Included daily quest example into default jobConfig.yml
    • Small fix when comparing jobs by their name and one of them is NULL for some strange reason.
    • Now we should properly support multiple command lines one level up action
    • Now jobs conditions for permission actions and requirements should default to true if not defined
    • Some small spelling fixes for comments in config file
    • Fix for GUI...
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  8. Skull

    • Added option to use CustomSkull in jobs description to define icon as custom skull. Players name or UUID can be used and its looks like this

    Code (Text):
        fullname: Woodcutter
        shortname: W
        description: Earns money felling and planting trees
        ChatColour: GREEN
        chat-display: full
        max-level: 200
        leveling-progression-equation: 10*(joblevel)+(joblevel*joblevel*4)
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  9. Bunch of small things

    • Commands now should be performed when player is being promoted manually throw promote command
    • Changed default values for plants in blockProtection file, from -1 to 30. To avoid issues with protection not ending after plant is growing.
    • Some exception catcher when checking furnace owner
    • Removing deprecated schema version check which caused some issues.
    • Fix for armor stand, painting or item frames not being identified properly for place action
    • Option to change all base...
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  10. Not important

    • Added option to customize command label for help page
    • Fixed small issue with Dye and leather armor
    • Removed debug message
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