Jobs Reborn 4.15.5

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Hmmm

    • Added 2 placeholders to show the original number of exp and the formatted (deadcutlass2)
    • fix a discrepency between formatting of jexp and jmaxexp as well as adding unformatted versions for math (deadcutlass2)
    • fixed income and points progression equations (deadcutlass2)
    • added a missing portion of the equations so it functions as intended of reducing payment by a percentage of the baseincome and the baseincome per level (deadcutlass2)
    • Option to filter hidden players from...
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  2. Hot

    • Fixed FileNotFoundException when using "en" locale (montlikadani)
    • Fixed NPE when MythicMobs plugin not found on plugin reload (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when buying items from shop and not setting enchants to item (montlikadani)
    • Updated job not found message (montlikadani)
    • Fixed NPE when class instance is null (montlikadani)
    • Fixed MySQLSyntaxErrorException when the limit value less than 0 (montlikadani)
    • Added option to change the disabled worlds behaviour...
  3. Stuff

    • Fix for NPE when loading the chunks from database (montlikadani)
    • Fix for NPE when loading the quests with some invalid values (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue when the RequiredJobLevels doesn't work correctly (montlikadani)
    • Added messages to log commands to show the total amount of money, exp & points (montlikadani)
    • Using double for saving the experience. This will give more accurate values, even tho its only a fractions. (montlikadani)...
  4. Winter is comming

    • Fixing Bake and Collect word translations
    • Fix for issue with older servers having trouble loading libraries
    • Fix for possible issue with older then 1.15 minecraft version not being able to import new minecraft libraries. Similar to first issue, but at same time some what different.
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  5. Happy happy

    • Fixed issue when used a dev-build of papi (montlikadani)
    • Bonus output colors can now be changed from config (montlikadani)
    • Fix for NPE when a job is not found with provided identification (montlikadani)
    • Fixed issue when the bone meal still acts as a placed block (montlikadani)
    • Added bee_nest and beehive as a Collect action (montlikadani)
    • Fix for issue with smoker and blast furnace not removing ownership on hopper...
  6. 1.15

    • Initial support for 1.15 servers
    • Fix for boost commands not working correctly
    • The faster material recognition method
    • Some optimizations to lower file size in general
    • Fixed exception if the enchantment level is null
    • Adding and taking exp should now calculate correctly
    • Fixed SQLException when inserting a job
    • Added optional cost for skipping quests
    • Now database should clean itself on startup to decrease its size if you have sqlite system enabled.
    • Fix for...
  7. Quests

    • Fix for issue where SwitcheButtons would not have effect when changed
    • Fix for issue where daily quests would not reset
    • Added option to skip a quest by simply pressing on one in active quest list. This has defined limit in how many times you can do this (dafault: 1) and will only apply for jobs which has more quests defined then you currently have active ones from that job. So there is 2 jobs defined for miner and you have already both of them, skip option will not work on...
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  8. Hot Fix 2.0

    • Fix for issue with sign updates causing huge load on server. This wasn't my code, but will have to take responsibility for not double-checking commit.
    • Small fix for sign updates some times not working for all of them if you had special signs going before regular ones in the list
    • Converting some database data back to previous state, this includes job names, world names and all that jazz. We are still using new id system, but for time being and to have...
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  9. Hot fix

    • Fix for issue when opening new GUI and error is being shown
    • Moved sop gui into CMI type one, to be more consistent and have better protection against hacked clients
    • Fixed issue where blockprotection would be rewritten on server startup which would slow down the process.
    • Fix for issue with some SqLite servers not wanting to handle NULL fields properly
    • Moved BlockProtection recording into separate thread to avoid load when performing save
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  10. Update

    - Fixed %titlename% placeholder does not showed anything
    - Re-added Cat, Cat is ALIVE!!
    - Re-worked the quest list to support crowdin
    - Implement more API event methods to PrePaymentEvent
    - Fixed issue when the JobsExpGainEvent called when the income 0.
    - Fixed issue when used the enchanted books, then can't enchanted properly
    - Added argument for signUpdate command, to update all signs
    - Removed hack for removing items from inventory when in...
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