Jobs Reborn 4.2.1

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Endless leveling

    • As of KleinesGumi request. Added option to define jobs soft level for money, exp or points gain. What this means? This will allow for players to level up their jobs in regular fashion, but income will stop increasing at some particular defined level. So you can have player with jobs level of 5000 but income will be as he would be at 100. So players can continuously progress with their levels, but income will stay in...
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  2. Explore thingy

    • FR locale updated by Taehyuun
    • Some small fixes for database handling.
    • Fix for explorer job not working. ken-kentan found an obvious mistake I made and broke explorer job... Stupid me...
    • Remade part of explorer job handling to be more stable. Previous explorer table will get removed and replaced with new one. More compact one, fewer...
  3. Things

    • Added missing T in code for shorttitle display mode
    • Fixed issue for payForEach craft adding one extra item to be paid for.
    • Added default Hungarian locale by montlikadani
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  4. Fixaroo

    • Small remake for /jobs give command for better handling
    • Small fix for jobs GUI filling empty fields when it should not if you define item stack as AIR
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  5. Tiny

    • Small change for default jobs and max-level lines being created on bottom of each job and confusing everyone why its 200 max lvl (confused me too for a bit...)
    • Small change for locale line and jobs edit command having exp and points lines switched places. remove them or switch them places manually if you used 4.1.0 version already. Or just don't bother at all.
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  6. Stuff

    • Some default German locale updates by Andre601
    • Third party blockprotection API by Rukes
    • Some new JobsScheduleStartEvent and JobsScheduleStopEvent events by Rukes
    • Created ingame jobs editor. So now you can edit basic jobs functionality ingame without server...
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  7. Fixes

    • Fix for issue when checking item without itemmeta
    • Updated default Turkish locale (kemal895)
    • Updated default German locale and translatable words (jonatse3)
  8. DataBase update

    • This version is not compatible with really old data bases. I mean data bases from 2.x version or similar. Old data base converters have been removed to clean up code and they are deprecated at this point. If you for some strange reason still have data base from ice age, use 3.9.x version first and then new 4.x for data to be converted properly. You will not have any issues transiting from 3.x to 4.x data base, as there are no changes in data base structure it self.
    • Remade...
  9. Stuff

    • Fix for issue with NPE
    • Added SSL false for MySQL to avoid message at startup.
    • Small change for scoreboard to try avoid issues with some clients.
    • Default DE locale fix by: Sprungente and lippoliv
    • Translation for Estonian by Prunt
    • Small change for MySQL when creating config table.
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  10. Fixes

    • Small fix for Old world guard giving us issues.
    • Small fix for /jobs top skipping first 15 entries
    • Small fix for issue with armorstand break event