Jobs Reborn 4.5.3

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Skull

    • Added option to use CustomSkull in jobs description to define icon as custom skull. Players name or UUID can be used and its looks like this

    Code (Text):
        fullname: Woodcutter
        shortname: W
        description: Earns money felling and planting trees
        ChatColour: GREEN
        chat-display: full
        max-level: 200
        leveling-progression-equation: 10*(joblevel)+(joblevel*joblevel*4)
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  2. Bunch of small things

    • Commands now should be performed when player is being promoted manually throw promote command
    • Changed default values for plants in blockProtection file, from -1 to 30. To avoid issues with protection not ending after plant is growing.
    • Some exception catcher when checking furnace owner
    • Removing deprecated schema version check which caused some issues.
    • Fix for armor stand, painting or item frames not being identified properly for place action
    • Option to change all base...
  3. Not important

    • Added option to customize command label for help page
    • Fixed small issue with Dye and leather armor
    • Removed debug message
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  4. Item Boost

    • Removed schedule enable option in general config file. Schedule will be enabled automatically if there is atleast one schedule settup and enabled by it self.
    • Fix for new version check
    • Some fail safe when checking world name and its not being set properly
    • Remade Item Boost feature from ground up. Previously it was based on item name, lore and maybe enchants. Now its based on item NBT. What this means is that items are not limited to specific names or specific lore. You can...
  5. GUI

    • Changed default locale line for points to be called simply as pts which will be shorter and will look better in job info window. This will not have effect on already existing locale files.
    • Added option to define decimal point place for money, exp and points values. In example, before we had 12.34 now you can have 12.3 or 12 or 12.3456
    • Spanish locale update by C4BR3R4
    • Made same formatting for GUI as for jobs info window to be more consistent across plugin...
  6. Quick fix

    • Quick fix for missing jobname translation
    • Added option to have old /jobs browse look, just disabled new one in generalConfig file
  7. Daily quests

    • With some help of Myaugav and some suggestions from him, remade some parts of how jobs looking in general. I hope you will like it :)
    • New /jobs browse look to show only job name in short list and by hovering over to see basic information about it
    • By clicking on job name new window will popup with more detailed...
  8. Endless leveling

    • As of KleinesGumi request. Added option to define jobs soft level for money, exp or points gain. What this means? This will allow for players to level up their jobs in regular fashion, but income will stop increasing at some particular defined level. So you can have player with jobs level of 5000 but income will be as he would be at 100. So players can continuously progress with their levels, but income will stay in...
  9. Explore thingy

    • FR locale updated by Taehyuun
    • Some small fixes for database handling.
    • Fix for explorer job not working. ken-kentan found an obvious mistake I made and broke explorer job... Stupid me...
    • Remade part of explorer job handling to be more stable. Previous explorer table will get removed and replaced with new one. More compact one, fewer...
  10. Things

    • Added missing T in code for shorttitle display mode
    • Fixed issue for payForEach craft adding one extra item to be paid for.
    • Added default Hungarian locale by montlikadani
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