Join Message 1

Display a custom message to your players when they join your server. Supports colour Unlimited lines

  1. mrbliss1
    This is a basic join message plugin that works with bukkit 1.7.9 and is coded with python. It supports color and multi lined text

    Edit the generated join.txt file made after running the server once. To use color use the symbol '§' followed by any number. For example '§1Welcome §2To §3This §4Amazing §5Server'

    1. Go to Here and install jxpl this is a required dependance for my plugin
    2. Go to here or here and after running the server once with jxpl goto plugins/jxpl/lib and place the downloaded file in there
    3. In the root folder (place where jar is) there will now be a folder called scripts.Extract the zip then place (this plugin) in there
    • Permisson node needed is "joinmessage.view"
    • The only command is /pyannouncer <text>