JoinBook Patch-1.2.1

This is JoinBook

  1. Fixed NullPointerException was called

    Fixed the problem of NullPointerException being called.
  2. Bug fixes and 1.16 updates

    Release note
    ・Update to 1.16.1
    ・Bug that opens the book for those who join for the first time

    ・If you are using a previous version, delete it to regenerate the config.
  3. Added features only for first-timers!

    If you update using Patch-1.0.0, delete config.yml! (But be careful if you delete config.yml, the book will also disappear!)
    Added OnlyFirstJoin to config.yml.
    By setting this to true, only the first player can enter.
    If you want to reset the first player to enter, delete players.yml!