JoinCommands 1.1

Lets you run console or player commands when a player joins.

  1. Mister_Fix
    This plugin lets you run commands as console or as player when a player joins.
    It also lets you enable or disable join / quit messages, or edit them to your liking.
    And here is a config example:
    Code (Text):

    #This list of commands will be ran whenever a new player joins.
      enabled: true
        #This will determine what executes the command, the play or the console, accepted values: CONSOLE, PLAYER.
        executor: CONSOLE
        #This is the actual command that will be ran.
        #The slash (/) is not needed here.
        command: hello
        executor: PLAYER
        command: hello
    #This list of commands will be ran whenever a player joins, but is not new.
      enabled: true
        executor: CONSOLE
        command: hi
        executor: PLAYER
        command: herp

    #This modifies join & quit messages
    #Should join messages be enabled?
    enable_join_message: true

    #If false, this will be the join message.
    #{username} represents the name of the player who joins.
    join_message: '&b{username} &3joined the game.'

    #Should quit messages be disabled?
    enable_quit_message: true
    quit_message: '&b{username} &3left the game.'
    This is one of my first plugins and i tried to make the code as clean and professional looking as possible, but if i didn't nail it, please excuse me.
    If you're having any trouble with this plugin i'll be more then happy to help you, just send a PM my way!
    Please do not post bug reports in the reviews section, PM them to me instead!
    I hope you like this plugin, and thanks to everyone who downloads it!

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