JoinMessagesEz 1.0.4

Lets you easily edit the Join/Leave and FirstJoin message, with placeholders and easy config file.

  1. Added support for Multiple lines for FirstJoinMessage

    Added support for multiple lines in the FirstJoinMessage.
    Please see the "Config.yml" tab in the plugin description for an explanation.

    Thank you Waqe for requesting :)
  2. Fixed Placeholder bug

    Fixed a bug where the %uniqueplayers% placeholder sometimes didn't work.
  3. Fixed Join & Quit messages sometimes not working

    In the last update I made a mistake, but now it's fixed.
    If you happen to find something not working correctly, don't hesitate to send me a dm.

    I currently have some new features planned:

    - Support for PlaceholdersAPI
    - The ability to Change/Disable Join & Leave messages per Player or Group.
  4. Just a bug fix

    Fixed a bug where disabling FirstJoinMessage also disabled the joinmessage.