JoinMsg 1.0

A very customizable join message plugin!

  1. Devin_54321
    This plugin is a very customizable plugin for server owners who are looking for a plugin that is constantly up to date and ready to go on their versions on Minecraft servers.

    What does the plugin do?
    This plugin is mainly for MOTD's to be sent to a player when joining the server. For new players there is a different join msg if you want to customize that one differently.
    There is also a join/leave custom msg, if you have another plugin that handles this I suggest you use it until I add the next feature which is custom join/leave messages.

    - /JoinMsg
    This command does not work, but will eventually show all the statistics of the plugin itself. and maybe some server info if you guys want me to add it.



    & color codes are fully enabled in this plugin.

    Things to improve:
    - Add the customizable join/leave messages.
    - Fix the /joinmsg command.
    - Suggestions?

Recent Reviews

  1. xSander_
    Version: 1.0
    thhaks now can i set the joinmsg
    1. Devin_54321
      Author's Response
      No problem <3