JoinPreference 1.2

Provides an easy way to allow VIP to join a server and if it is full kick a lower rank out.

  1. Fearmig
    JoinPreference gives you a simple way to give VIPs preferred join privileges over other groups. So if your server is full a VIP will be able to join and the most recently joined player of a lower group is removed from the server to make room for the VIP. This is a great perk to give supporters of your server guaranteed access!

    - Custom kick / block from join messages
    - Easy configuration to set up what groups you want to have preference
    - Easy to use commands to do most actions from inside game
    - Uses superperms so it should be compatible with most Permissions/Group plugins out there. (Although this has only been tested with PEX groups)

    - /jpref addgroup (name) (rank) - Add a new group and its rank.
    - /jpref delgroup (name) - Delete a group.
    - /jpref setgrouprank (name) (rank) - Change an existing groups rank.
    - /jpref listgroups - Lists all groups.

    TO DO:
    - Give it its own reload command.

    Source code:

    1. Download plugin and put into plugins folder.
    2. Run server to spawn config file.
    3. Configure file to your needs and save.
    4. Restart server.

    - You can find this plugin used on and if the server is full it will be in use.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheGrayGorilla
    Version: 1.0
    I just downloaded this for my Server! I love it! It does exactly what it says is does.