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JoinSettings 1.0

Join Settings for your server! Very configurable

  1. el_trueno
    This plugin allows you to set a settings when a player join.

    This plugin works on all versions of Spigot 1.8

    Code (Text):

    # The player gamemode
    Gamemode: 0

    # When a player join set the a slot of the hotbar marqued.(0-8)
    HotBar: 3

    # Minimun 1 / Maximum 10
    Hearts: 3

    expBar: 0

    expLevel: 777

    # Minimum 1 / Maximum 40
    Food: 40

    # <player> = nick of player.
       # no perm
       normal: ''
       # js.join.vip
       vip: '&6&lVIP &r&b<player> &fjoined the game'
       # js.join.staff
       staff: '&c&lSTAFF &r&b<player> &fjoined the game'

    - 'Welcome'
    - '<player>'
    - 'to our server'
    - 'There are <players> online players of a maximum of <maxplayers> players'

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Recent Reviews

  1. DraxPvP
    Version: 1.0
    Todo funciona perfecto pero al entrar te pone en gamemode 3 y ya lo puse mas de 1 vez en gamemode 0 puedes solucionar eso ¿? Gracias y buen trabajo :P!
  2. JoseRFV
    Version: 1.0
    Oye trueno buen plugin, me encanto este ya que lo andaba buscando pero solo sirve para Networks o también servidores normales?
  3. Xeroz
    Version: 1.0
    Great Plugin // allow the join items

    u can help on my sv? my skype is xeroz.agus Grettings :D